Xbox One and PS4 Rush Jobs?

It was inevitable that this content writing service would be penning an article about reported faults in the PS4 and Xbox One.  Both have reported serious faults in a small percentage of the devices that have shipped on launch days outside the UK and Europe.  Both have demonstrated the difficulties in meeting a deadline for a major product launch.


The gaming industry is no stranger to delays.  The best selling driving simulator Gran Turismo has scarcely come out on time, with every iteration being delayed due to the sheer scale of the task of development.  Even then many games nowadays are released with glitches which are retrospectively fixed.  Fallout: New Vegas is a great example of this generation’s ability to patch a game which is sold with faults.

The problem with this is that a games review content writing service will already have written their review before the patch has been applied.  That review will not then be changed to include the update and the game will be scarred by the reviews forever.

New Generation

Of the big three competitors in this generation’s console wars, all three will require an update as soon as you power them on.  This is because the development on the systems will continue past the point the consoles need to be put into boxes and shipped, and means everyone that purchases the new consoles will have to spend 20 minutes or so staring at their new shiny box.

Of course, the consoles will probably all have very few problems in the future, but both of their successful launches have been marred by issues.  The PS4 has a white blinking light issue which appears to mean that the console is dead.  The Xbox One is having issues with reading discs.

Both Sony and Microsoft were prepared for issues however.  They both released statements stating that the problems amounted to a tiny percentage of the million plus consoles shipped, blamed the problems on handling during shipments, and responded quickly to any customers having problems.  They knew this was coming.

Why the Rush?

Well the reasoning for the rush is obvious and can be evidenced by the varying release dates around the world.  In Japan, Sony’s home territory, and the rest of Asia, both consoles will not be released until Spring next year.  While in Europe, the Playstation is being released more than a week after it has been in the US.

The reasoning is the holiday season.  In America and Europe, Christmas is the big factor in Microsoft and Sony’s thinking.  Christmas is where they can expect to see the majority of their sales as people look to splash out on a big gift for their video game loving loved ones.  Asia does not celebrate Christmas to the extent that we do in Europe and North America.

The North American release is dictated by the timing of Black Friday, on November the 29th.  Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving, where the US embark on a day of amazing shopping offers.   Black Friday is where the first major battle of the console wars will be fought.

Content Writing Service Lessons

The lesson this content writing service would like you to learn from the major gaming companies is how to deal with major product launches.  There is reasoning behind the dates, however a strict deadline will lead to faults.  Both Sony and Microsoft have prepared for millions of their highly advanced products going on sale, and it would be an extreme optimist that would predict the whole thing going off without a hitch.  In a week’s time, the UK will have both consoles available, and hopefully this content writing service will be reporting on happy gamers rather than how to appease them.