Will you be buying a Convertible this Christmas?

Christmas is less than one month away, and this article writing service is taking a look at some of the trends we can expect to see this Christmas.  We have talked in recent weeks about pick up points implemented by Google, eBay and Amazon, along with the console wars which kicks off in the UK when the Sony PS4 launches on the 29th of November.

One potential consumer trend this article writing service hasn’t spoken about so much is the convertible.  Before this conjures up images of the wind in your hair, questions of how wealthy a social demographic this article writing service is aiming at, and derision at the idea of UK citizens buying a car designed for summer in the middle of winter; I am not talking about convertible cars.

Tablet & PC

Rather, I am instead referring to the new wave of tablet cum computers that are hitting stores.  Typically these devices are packing operating systems that adapt to both tablet and computer modes, most notably Windows 8.  They also offer the user the ability to use the traditional keyboard or the touchscreen interface.

Microsoft have led the way with their Surface Pro tablets, however Windows 8 is also prevalent on Nokia devices and HP devices, to name but two.

Best of Both Worlds?

The reasoning behind the slew of devices is due to the fact that manufacturers believe that consumers want the best of both worlds.  The Apple iPad has been a roaring success, however the lack of a physical keyboard is a hindrance to many serious work applications on it.  While iPad users will defend the functionality of their device for business, it is obvious that a tablet and a laptop enjoy different strengths.

One of the first tablets to ship with an additional keyboard was the Asus Transformer.  This enjoyed decent success, but nothing that could challenge the iPad.  An analysis of whether the keyboard helped drive sales of the device would not prove helpful, as independent of the keyboard, the device was rated as one of the best Android tablets on the market.

Cost Efficient

While having an optional keyboard and the ability to utilise the best of tablet and the best of laptop without carrying two devices around is handy, it’s main appeal may be the cost.  While a tablet is a useful product, it is still unquestionably a half way step between smartphone and computer.  Consumers are starting to believe that while a smartphone remains irreplaceable, it is conceivable they could do away with the computer and just use the tablet.

For those that respect the value of a proper PC, and also the extra utility the tablet offers, this could be a useful solution that saves them having to fork out hundreds of pounds for each device, instead just spending on one.

This Article Writing Service does not forsee an iPad Killer

For many, the attempts of the opposition are irrelevant as there eyes remain fixed on the iPad.  This article writing service believes that Apple are unlikely to consider a hybrid option, such is the success of it’s MacBook Air and iPad range, with many Apple devotees owning both.  To offer a solution that offer the best of both worlds would be losing a sale.  For the opposition, this article writing service believes that they are fighting for second place in the UK market, and most would be happy if their convertibles earned them that position going into 2014.