What Kind of Website?

What kind of website?

There are many purposes for a website and it is important that you discuss your requirements with any web design agency in detail. Between you, you should define who your target market is, the purpose of your website, what you hope it will achieve and how you are going to turn people visiting your website into customers.

Another important decision to make is whether you require a static HTML website or a content managed website. With a static website it is more difficult to alter menus, images and content, unless you know a little about coding in HTML. However, with a CMS (Content Managed System) website it is very simple indeed for you to be able to alter content, add your own pages, create new menus, add images and a whole lot more without any skills other than being able to use a word processing system similar to MS Word.

To give you an idea of what “style” of website you may be looking for we have compiled a list of examples of styles of websites that you can look through and maybe help you ascertain what you would like if you don’t know already:

  • Business or Professional
    • We are hereTell the public what you do and how to contact you
    • Product CatalogueDisplay product information
    • Technical informationSave time for you and customers with technical information on-line
    • Take orders and sell on lineeCommerce, Shopping cart, On-line store
  • Sports OrganisationPublish the year’s timetable and program on line.Enrol members on-line
  • Recreational, Cultural or CommunityPublish your eventsEnrol members on-lineRun discussions on-line
  • EducationalProvide knowledge of your subject
  • Family or PersonalDisplay photos and information for far-away family members.
  • ArtisticBe careful to leave room for text for the benefit of search engines.
  • OrganicLet it grow naturally…