What did you see on the Google Doodle today?

Google distracted blog writing services staff today with an interactive Google Doodle.  While it was not quite as bad as the day that the Google Doodle was a game of Pacman, today’s doodle took our minds off work and got us debating what we had seen.

Today Google was celebrating the 129th birthday of the Hermann Rorschach by including Rorschach’s ink blot test in its Doodle.  Google also got interactive with the Doodle, encouraging users to share what they see in the doodle with friends via the main social networks and of course Google + (only kidding Google, blog writing services think your social network is totally relevant).

It is the classic method used in psychotherapy to analyze what someone is thinking.  The ink blot is really just a random picture which allows a psychotherapist to analyze your mind by seeing what it comes up with when presented with a picture.

What did you see?

The thing that makes describing what the ink blot was, is that is the whole point of the test.  You will have to go to Google’s homepage to see for yourself.  If you really need a link for that, it’s here.

With Rorschach’s test, it is designed to draw conclusion about your psyche from what it is that you see.  With what I see, there are a few obvious conclusions to draw.

I saw a creatures face, of some sort.  If pressed on exactly what creature, I would have to say that it looks like a sea otter, as drawn by the animators of South Park in the episode, Go God Go III, where one of the lead characters Cartman finds himself in a future where everyone is atheist, and otters have grown incredibly intelligent.

Top Tweets

A look at Twitter will show you some of the day’s most popular opinions on what the ink blot is to them.

‏@tonichan15 2m agreed with me about the otter, tweeting, ‘I see an otter or a midget with a moustache and evil horns’.

‏@MisterGilchrist1h clearly has an upcoming event on his mind.  ‘I see… Two Santas, chest-bumping’

While @MasonLane1 clearly had that thing on his mind that apparently every man thinks about every 6 seconds.  ‘I see…beautiful woman’s corset opened up’

Get Involved

Tweet what you see through Google’s home page and then you can have a look at Twitter and have a go at psycho analyzing all the weird people that frequent the social network.  Just use the hashtag #RorschachDoodle in order to locate all the tweets people have been sharing.

If you really want to understand what is going on in people’s heads when they look at an inkblot, then you would be best to read up on Rorschach’s book, ‘Psychodiagnostik’, or probably spend a few years studying at university.

Difference from Blog Writing Services

Would you think that we could psychoanalyze based on comments on a blog produced by blog writing services if we can on a blot of ink?  Possibly, but an ink blot has more potential for the human mind to draw its own conclusions.  A picture speaks a thousand words, so we are told.  The thing that differs from blog writing services is that a picture tells a different thousand words to every observer, and that is why the ink blot test is so effective in therapy.