Website design

Website design doesn’t need to be costly or time consuming. If you are not the government or a brand name like Nike, your website design costs can be kept to as little as £30 per month.

If you change the fonts and a few images to any template, they are instantly almost unrecognisable. Unless you really want something bespoke, use one of the many free and paid templates costing approx £30 each.

If you want something more substantial, it’s worth considering what element of the website you want to be spending your money on.

If it is design then look for a good designer who can provide you with an image, cut into divs if he knows what he is doing and then the development is often the easy part.

If you need a specialist site because you want to sell something or display your products in a certain way, then we can talk about which payment gateways you already work with, where you will be selling and how much you want your e-commerce solution involved with processes like accounts and shipping.

I’ve been involved in building websites across multiple platforms like Joomla! and WordPress and have also developed websites and applications in multiple languages like html, CSS, Java, PHP and more.