Web Design – A Checklist

We’re a Glasgow based company and know exactly who are target market is. Do you? This article might help.

Who is your target audience?

  • Who you want to reach on the web?
  • What are the key words they would search for?

How many pages?

  • Just a home page?
  • Home page and detailed information pages?
  • Home page and a database generating inside pages (products and / or pictures)?
  • Home page, database and shopping cart?
  • An interactive form – sending information from your visitor to you, sending an acknowledgement to the visitor?
  • Downloadable PDFs?
  • Pictures enlarged from thumbnails?
      — It can always be added to. Contact us for a detailed quote.

Do you have:

  • Logo?
  • Catalogue?
  • Pictures?
  • Colour preferences?
  • Title fonts preferences?
  • Artwork?
      — We’ll co-ordinate with your business branding.

In what form is your information?

  • Access database?
  • Excel spreadsheet?
  • Word document?
  • PDF?
  • Printed Catalogue?
  • Can you email it – or can we scan it?

Do you have any

  • photographs?
  • sound?
  • video?

Send us your material by email or disk or alternatively we can source images and create the content for you.

Let us then show you how it looks on a test site and we can then work together to make sure we get it just right.