Wearable Technology – Revolutionising Industries?

Expect to hear a lot more about wearable technology from content writing services in 2014.  In fact, many of you in the UK and the rest of the developed world will probably be reading the articles produced from content writing services from wearable technology.  While the sales of smartphones and tablets haven’t exactly slowed, in fact smartphones recently outsold feature phones for the first time

Decline of Tablets

Tablet sales may not have decreased yet, however there is enough potential in the growing wave of wearable devices hitting the market in the next year to suggest that the tablet sales may be eaten into, which has prompted the IDC (the International Data Corporation) to lower its forecasts for tablet sales.

What is Wearable Tech?

Wearable technology is the integration of technology into devices that can be worn on your person.  This week saw the announcement of the Samsung Galaxy Gear, while the Pebble Smartwatch has already been around for the last year, and of course there is a hotly anticipated iWatch in development from Apple, which are all rumoured to be made available in the UK before the end of the year.

Like how content writing services article aren’t restricted to your computer screen, wearable technology isn’t restricted to your wrist.  Google Glass is another hotly anticipated way of putting technology on your person, this time right in front of your eyes.  Google Glass allows a user to see the world with additional augmented reality which will add information to the world they see around them.

You can access articles written by content writing services just by the use of your voice with Google Glass, leaving your hands free for something else.  In the UK at least, the sight of this may look a tad ridiculous, but people will get used to it or use their phone as a remote for Glass.  Expect Glass to face plenty of competition from other tech companies keen to bring their products to the bridge of your nose.

Existing Devices

Of course, the watch is one of the oldest forms of technology.  The simple ability to keep time does not appear to be enough of a reason to occupy your space on your wrist anymore and it looks like plenty of other features will be crammed into small screens to be strapped to that appendage.

Many will keep with classic analogue designs, so luxury watch makers such as Rolex or Tag Heuer probably do not have much reason to be concerned.  Producers of digital watches such as Casio probably do have more cause for alarm.  After all, when Apple entered the mobile market, it wasn’t good news for Sony’s Walkman division, and companies like Nokia haven’t exactly prospered as a result of the iPhone.

Casio produce watches which fulfil basic smart functions, with brand names like Baby G and G-Shock still their top products, offering much of the same functionality as they did 10 years ago.  Casio has seemingly not invested in smart watches, despite it being a predictable destination for the industry.  The likelihood is that Casio will remain popular as a budget sports watch option, but struggle  as the tech industry begins to move into the digital watch sector.

Impact on Content Writing Services

When Apple moves into an industry, you can expect the industry to end up looking a little different. The impact on content writing services may be minimal however if the smart watch merely serves as an accessory to a mobile phone.  If the technology does become a more popular way of accessing content, content writing services may need to adjust to the way their UK audience is reading their materials, perhaps by producing shorter content that is easier to read on a 2 inch screen.