Using Content Writing Services and Paid Ads for a Personal Vendetta

Skill in content writing services has given many people more power if they have skill in search engine optimisation.  Previously, if you wanted to complain about a brand, your options were limited and not very public.

You could take your complaint up with the company themselves and hope that they valued enough as a customer to take your complaint seriously.  You could perhaps contact an independent regulator or ombudsman if you were really serious about the issue.  Or worst come to the worst, you could create a placard and campaign outside the company offices. With the power of the internet however, now skills in content writing services, social media and web design offer you a huge platform to share your message.

Making Google Unpleasant Reading

Republican Rick Santorum annoyed many Americans with his conservative views on marriage and homosexuality.  So much so that one user decided to take revenge by using his skills in content writing services.  He started a website which defined Rick Santorum as something one would have to imagine he was not best pleased to have his name associated with.

The site ranks on the front page of Google, so during Santorum’s ultimately unsuccessful bid to become President of the United States, everyone who typed his name into Google to find out more about his policies would have seen the description.  This highlighted Santorum’s archaic views on marriage and would have been hard to miss for any people interested in his policies.

Don’t Fly @BritishAirways

Hasan Syed was frustrated that British Airways had lost his father’s baggage, so once his complaints to the company appeared to fall on death ears, Syed took the extraordinary measure of spashing out $1000 on a sponsored tweet on Twitter to encourage others not to fly with the airline.

In the end, British Airways managed to find the baggage, probably due to the extra motivation from the public embarrassment.  Syed sees himself as a winner, although $1000 is probably a little much for the average flyer to spend to get their baggage back however.

I hate Ryanair

A similar method of taking on another airline.  This time however it is low budget airline Ryanair that draws the wrath of its disgruntled customers.  The website has featured in several national newspapers and its site owner began to make decent profit out of the websites traffic through advertising – so much so that he was forced to stop making a commercial profit off Ryanair’s brand.

That a judge ruled that Ryanair’s brand should be associated with the criticism found on the website is probably a victory for the message, and the site is still going strong.

Content Writing Services Give People a Voice

It just goes to show how invaluable skills in digital marketing are.  A message can be communicated around the world and if you have some skills or wish to invest in content writing services, you can get your message in front of enough people to make yourself heard around the world.