Audio & Video Transcription Services

audio transcription services - typist at workTurn videos and audio into even more great content with our audio typing services

Audio typing is an important tool in the marketer’s kit which is too often overlooked. Large corporations and internet marketing experts have long been using the power of audio transcription to enhance their search engine optimisation and user experience. Have you?

There’s so much more that can be done with your audio and video content than simply putting it on your website and waiting for people to watch or listen to it. That content has massive potential as text which gives your customers even more ways to interact with your brand, and greatly enhances your SEO.

Having your videos and audio transcribed into text gives you more great content, and provides your site visitors with options. Your job as a marketer is to make it as easy as possible for your customer to engage with your brand. Offering them content in a range of formats is one such way of doing this. The choice demonstrates that you care enough to make it easy for them to access information in the format that is best for them. That kind of thing does wonders for creating a positive impression amongst your target market.

Make your content work two, even three times over. It’s a simple and affordable way of making your content work as hard as possible in order to get you the best results.

Five reasons to contract our audio typing services

1. Our prices are simple, with no hidden extras. You pay either £1.10 or £1.30 per recorded minute. It really is that simple

2. All our staff are British, highly qualified, and experienced in audio transcribing

3. Our systems are very secure, simple to use, and very fast

4. To date our service levels have consistently achieved a 100% satisfaction rate with our clients

5. If for some reason you become our first unsatisfied client, we’ll give you your money back AND pay for a company of your choosing to complete that job for you

Harness the power of words with audio typing

Spoken words are powerful. Written words are powerful. Why have one without the other, when your content is perfectly suited to both formats? Don’t spend money on creating amazing video or audio, only to have it sit there achieving half of what it could. Get in touch with us to talk about audio typing today.

Audio u0026amp; Video Transcription Services Rates

Number of speakersCost Per Audio Minute
1 – 3£1.10
3 +£1.30

(Discounts can be negotiated for high volume work of 20 hours or more)

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