We created this site for a wedding catering company. They wanted a site that is easy to manage, yet gives them the image of the top class service that they provide to their clients. They have been a client of ours now for almost 5 years. They are still adding photos and content to the site, but you can still see the design. Here is their testimonial for us as well:

We are writing to you to compliment you an the job you have done for our companies in particular Top Class Catering.

Until we met with yourselves we did not have much of an internet awareness. Since you designed and made our award winning companies website our credibility has raised tenfold. The comments we receive from our customers is overwhelming they really are impressed by our presentation (thanks to

It has been a breath of fresh air dealing with yourselves as you take our ideas on board and turn them into reality via our site.You also contributed to some valuable ideas for our on-line presentation of our company. Also very important to us is that you are always available at the end of the phone
should we need to speak to you at any time.

This is actually the second site we have created for their company.

The site design

The design in of the site is clean, while also being very beautiful.

A bespoke services page

The site has an option for an elegant and ready-made services page.

Elegant contact forms

Designed to attract newlyweds we designed a beautiful contact form for Top Class Catering to help answer queries.

Call To Action

With an awesome calls to action, the sitdisplays quality satisfaction to newlyweds.

Blog Section

The site offers the option to engage more with your customers through a state-of-the-art blogging feature.

Mobile Optimized

This niche client is very up to date with technology and the majority will be searching with mobile devices and we have provides Top Class with the ability to connect with all of their customers, be it on desktop or mobile.


The site also provides Top Class with the ability to build customer loyalty by giving them an area to display customer reviews.

Portfolio Section

And of course we made an area for them to showcase their most memorable moments.