Tools to Produce Infographics

A host of online tools have made inforgraphics easier than ever before for content writing services to produce.  You do not need to hire a UK graphic design team to produce your infographics, you can simply select from a large selection of templates and use the designs to build your infographic.  Neither do you need a subscription to Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator and the expertise to use these packages.  All you need is the data!

Here is an analysis of some of the best tools that you can use to build your infographics.

Power Point

Not strictly a free program, but for most reader who are using a PC, this will come bundled as part of the package.  Power Point is used for creating slides for a presentation, not for infographics, but the content of these slides contains a lot of useful features that can be used to present information in the style of an infographic.  Using Microsoft Clip Art gives you the choice of more than 400 pieces of art, and you can easily insert pictures from other sources too.


Infogram is one of the simplest to use infographic creators available.  With many different templates to choose from, more than 30 different types of chart available and an easy method to import data straight from an excel spreadsheet, it is easy to see why the service which only launched in February 2012 has had over 700,000 infographics produced on it, with over 100,000 now being produced every month. is another simple to use infographic with a slight difference to Info.gram. has pioneered an infographic market, where professional and amateur designers have created templates for users to build upon themselves, meaning that with a wealth of different contributors to the site has a huge choice of templates for beginner infographic designers.


Info.Active is another easy to  use programme for creating infographics on the internet, again with a key differentiator.  This program allows you to create infographics with live data.  This means that after your infographic has been created it will stay up to date, making them very useful for scenarios where your data can become obsolete in an afternoon such as with stock exchange information or the weather.

Using live data could however be a disadvantage if your data is in support of your text.  If your infographic makes the case for your content writing services business, but by the time users get around to reading the infographic and the data has changed, your text may be immediately out of date and look badly ill informed next to data which disproves it.

Specialty Sites

There are a number of infographic sites which specialise in one type of infographic.  For instance is perfect for creating your own online resume, which is sure to help your job application stand out from the rest.  Dipity is another specialist site which is best for creating historical timelines.  StatSilk specialises in creating infographic maps.

There are plenty of different tools out there to create infographics, with many being similar to the ones mentioned above, while others will have completely different advantages and disadvantages.  In summary, the brief outline of infographic tools above proves that there is no barrier to creating the infographic you want for little to no cost to help boost your content writing services and marketing efforts.