The Next Generation of Social Media

As social media enters maturity, the next big social networks are looking for their opportunity to break the dominance of Facebook and Twitter, and content writing services are keeping an eye on the networks that might achieve it.

While Facebook appears to have this generation sewn up, the next generation may not be quite so enamoured by the social media giant.  Those just entering their teenage years may be swayed by a number of other social media trends other than Facebook, which appears to have transcended a trend, and become a part of everyday life.

Your Mum has More Friends than You

The thing about a trend with teenagers is that it isn’t going to be cool unless they discover it and master if first.  For a teenager signing up to Facebook, it must be quite off putting to see that your Mum, Dad, your Aunts and Uncles and even perhaps your Grandparents apparently have more friends than you, according to the social media site.

Of course, with all those people now on the social media site, teens will have to deal with having them as friends.  This means the teenage rebellion prominently displayed on Facebook a few years ago will have to be toned down for all the sensitive relatives that have access to your content.  Grandma posting baby pictures on your timeline just isn’t cool.  Of course teens will be looking elsewhere for a place to vent, or show off their rebellious side.


For those who grew up with Facebook, it was a fairly simple platform to begin with, and as it evolved, we evolved with it.  For new people, they see the design as fairly confusing and overwhelming with the amount of things Facebook has.  Most other social networks like Twitter or Instagram have taken elements of Facebook and focused on them, rather than the huge amount of features there are on Facebook.

Current Contenders

Facebook has always been concerned about being cool and trendy, but when something gains such mass appeal, it becomes more difficult to stay cool when everyone uses it.  Therefore other social networks which have smaller circles suddenly have more appeal to teens, especially as their mum isn’t on it.

Facebook purchased Instagram in April 2012 for $1 billion , most likely in the belief that one social network could not have complete dominance.  Instagram focuses on the pictures rather than text and has become popular with Smartphone enthusiasts uploading photos of every element of their life, with simple to use editing tools giving it an edge.  Pinterest is another social media site that has gained prominence, however this was very quickly seized upon by businesses looking to reap the rewards of content writing services through pictures, and it therefore does not have as much of a teens only cool factor that Instagram has.

Snapchat is another emerging contender.  Snapchat allows you to share a video or photo with your friend, but once the content has been viewed, it will never be seen again.  This is immediately cool as teens get braver and braver with sharing content they know cannot come back to haunt them.

How can Content Writing Services Take Advantage?

Content writing services need to stay informed of the latest trends in order to make sure that content is placed in the most meaningful places.  Teens may not be the target market for the content, however they have the ability to drive trends as most technological trends begin with the younger generation, and for this reason content writing services need to pay them some attention.