The Blobfish – The Creature that Content Writing Services Forgot

Content writing services in the UK and around the world produce many pieces of content designed to support charitable causes.  Spreading awareness is key, and making sure that content that educates the internet of people, creatures and things in a worse predicament than ourselves can educate others and stimulate change.

Much of this content concerns animals.  Now while you may be aware of the plight of the Giant Panda, the hunting of elephants for their ivory tusks or even the thousands of pets closer to home that nobody is looking after, you may not be so aware of some of the other animals facing a battle for their species survival.

Step in the planets ugliest animal award.  This isn’t just a way of having a mean jibe at a defenseless animal that we are unfamiliar with in the UK; there is in fact an anterior motive.  This is an effective content writing services tactic to capture a reader’s attention with a catchy headline and intriguing photos, but then change their attitude with the content of the text.

Ugly and Endangered

Other than undesirable looks, every creature on the list shares something else in common.  Their species is endangered.  The Blobfish, the winner of the award presented by the Ugly Animal Preservation Society will now become the new mascot of the organization.  It is endangered by fisherman hunting other fish that grow in larger quantities as they accidentally capture the blob fish in their fishing nets.

Other animals such as the Kakapo parrot evolved in conditions that have now changed.  Native to the islands of New Zealand the parrot had no natural predators.  Now that humans have inhabited the islands bringing with them predators such as cats, the Kakapo Parrot is defenseless as it cannot fly, and puts itself in danger as it has a charming yet unfortunate inquisitive nature.

Comedy Content Writing Services

Each of the shortlisted creatures had the help of a UK comedian in their bid to take the dubious honour.  The comedians created and narrated videos which were boosted on YouTube for weeks before the final honours were announced.

Cruel to be Kind

It may seem harsh to host an award that openly mocks the creatures your society aims to protect, but ultimately his is what draws content views.  Being kind to the animals won’t do them any good, and it’s hardly like they will understand or be offended by it in way that an ugly human celebrity would be.  Readers are much more likely to click on something that offers a kind of gross out humour (and to check their pet dog didn’t make the list!) than they are to read through an academic journal that outlines the plight of some obscure animal they have never heard of.

Once awareness is spread, then the donations and support will follow.  As life president of the foundation Simon Watt said, their only concern is the animals that don’t currently have publicity.  They don’t have anything against cute animals like the giant panda, but they already have their own organisation and don’t need their help.

A clever example of a UK organisation using content writing services in order to change the world for the better.