The Best Uses of Infographics

The best way for content writing services to get inspired about how to use infographics is to take a look at some of the clever ways that the medium has been used before.

Company Reports

Infographics are best used when taking complex data and presenting it in a visually stimulating way that makes it easier to understand.  Annual Reports are one document which contains a variety of facts and figures which could be presented in a much easier read format.  This report from PRSSA (The Public Relations Student Society of America) is a great example of how to present a report of yearly operations and achievements.  The example has been taken on by commercial companies too, with this report produced by Warby Parker.

Annual Reports are something that is quite hard for people to read that aren’t company stakeholders.  Making this easy to read can help the average person understand a company’s operations and successes.  The motivation for doing this may be to encourage investment, to attract new clients for companies that provide services such as content writing services, or through responsibility to the public that companies such as Channel 4 or the BBC have in the UK.


When employers receive hundreds of applications in their email, you need to create one that stands out in order to get noticed.  An infographic provides an ideal way to do this, helping the key facts in your CV to stand out so that they won’t be glossed over by weary HR Managers.

It is still a good idea to include a traditional CV along with your infographic as often recruiters like to print out CVs to make notes for interview, and would prefer to use a plain text document.


Marketing is all about convincing a potential customer to buy your product.  If you have data to motivate their decision purpose, why not use an infographic to persuade them?  A great example is this infographic for content writing services, which can convince UK businesses to hire them when they can present facts about how useful their content is.  A good example from inklyo takes research from businesses and potential customers to analyze the value of using content writing services, and they make a convincing argument.

Location based Data

Infographics are wonderful for studying data by location.  You simply need to use a map of a country, such as the UK, and you can analyze all sorts of data such as voting patterns, household income, number of children etc by presenting it all in one infographic.  Commonly used during elections and on many political issues, it can also be useful for businesses considering territories to target.

Wedding Proposal

This perhaps won’t work on every girl, but when Drake Martin, a lecturer at Stanford University, proposed to Stacey Green, he made an infographic of all the reasons that he loved her, and why she was perfect for him, with the inevitable conclusion of popping the question at the end.

There won’t be many in the UK that appreciate an infographic as a wedding proposal, but she did say yes!  These are merely examples of the uses of infographics, and the last example shows that there are many creative types of infographic that content writing services can use to boost their business.