The Advantages of Content Marketing over Traditional Advertising

Many companies are still clinging to the outdated notion that advertising is the only way to get their message out there. Their default option is to set aside a considerable budget for radio, TV, print and pay per click ads even though the results are often far less than stellar

But a revolution is upon us, one where savvy companies are winning the day by creating customised articles for their client base in place of interruption-based advertising.

They have tapped into consumer hunger for relevant information that will help them to make more meaningful purchasing decisions

Done well, content marketing can help you to make profitable connections with your customers without giving them the hard sell.

Here are some of the key benefits that content marketing has over traditional advertising:

1) The content you write has a much longer shelf life than an advert. Once you stop paying for an advertising campaign it’s no longer in circulation and slips out of the audience’s memory. But quality content can live for days, weeks, months and years, long after you’ve paid for the articles and posts. They can also be modified and freshened up to give them an even longer lifespan.

2) Content writing is much cheaper than paid for ads.

3) People want great content not great adverts. You don’t buy a magazine to read the adverts, or sit in front of the television eagerly anticipating the commercials. Advertising messages interrupt viewing, reading or listening pleasure, and most people switch off. They fast forward the ads, change channels or swiftly turn the pages. And online adverts are incredibly easy to ignore.

4) Traditional TV and radio adverts are losing the audience as we are increasingly spending more time viewing, listening and reading digital content on the Internet.

5) Adverts are a one-size fits all method of promoting products and services, but quality content can be tailored to target specific sections of your audience.

6) Adverts scream ‘buy me buy me’ to consumers which is a huge turnoff. Well written pieces gently draw people in and reward them with something that leads to more meaningful relationships.

7) Content marketing develops trust by providing buyers and potential buyers with information that will help them in some way.

8) Great content can expand your audience exponentially when your readers pass your articles onto their social media networks that in turn may pass them onto theirs. This is how content can become viral.

Content Writing is King

As long as you have something useful to say content writing can be used as a standalone strategy or to bolster faltering advertising campaigns.  By getting into the game now you can steal a march on your competitors.  Those who turn their knowledge into great content to support their brand become industry thought leaders who differentiate themselves from the rest of the pack.

Providing enlightening information about your business through articles and facts can entertain and inform readers and increase sales.