Social Media Key to Search Success for Bing?

Content Marketing Services know that using social media is a key method to make their marketing efforts work in the UK.  This is because sharing and linkages, along with leading social media users to your site, also positively benefit your site on search engines.

It seems that not only is social media recognised by search engines as far as your content’s success is concerned, but that search engines also recognise that search engines are crucial for their own success.


While being fairly well established now, Bing is still somewhat of a newcomer on the search engine scene, compared with the established presences of Google, Yahoo and Ask.  The search market, controlled by Google in the UK is a tough market to break.  Many Google projects are designed to safeguard its position as the default search for content marketing services.  The hugely popular Chrome Browser and Android mobile operating systems are designed to promote Google search, which is the main reason the two ventures make money.

Bing also has a number of advantages.  Microsoft Windows still retains a high market share, meaning the default internet explorer browser automatically searches using Bing.  Windows 8, which has made massive efforts to conquer the mobile and tablet world, is inexorably linked to the success of Bing.

Social Deals – Good for Content Marketing Services, but Bing?

However the advantages that Bing enjoys from being a Microsoft company have not been enough to see them significantly eat into Google’s share of the market whatsoever.  Bing has actively looked to social media as an avenue to further its operations.  It has been featuring Tweets in its main search results since 2009 and has reached an agreement to continue doing so.

While this is obviously beneficial to Twitter, and to content marketing services who get more of their content featured on Bing UK through a different avenue, what’s in it for Bing?

While having Twitter posts intertwined with other web content in searches may or may not be a better search experience, it’s not certain that Bing gains a huge amount from the agreement.  It helps to position itself as a better social searcher, but is that what its users want?


Where Bing is certainly getting a good deal is Facebook.   Bing is the default search on Facebook.  That means, whenever someone posts an event on the site, Bing is the default maps provider.  If you search for a company, person or thing on Facebook, there is a handy link to search the same term on Bing.  This is a much more obvious benefit to a social media tie up.

The Most Important for Content Marketing Services – Google

Google itself clearly recognises the advantages of social media tie ins, hence the creation of Google +.  While Google+ user stats in the UK are impressive, they cannot compare with the usage of Facebook.  Twitter and Facebook are the primary concerns for content marketing services, and Bing have obviously taken a decision to partner with the internet’s social heavyweights, rather than compete against them.

Content marketing services need to be aware of the latest social media information and strategies.  Will Bing’s social media partnerships enhance its popularity in the UK?  Time will tell if it can make a massive difference but from the outset it certainly seems to be a sensible policy that makes it all the more relevant for content marketing services.