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GOOGLE Adword marketing (PPC)

Google Adword marketing involves buying adverts on Google’s search engine results page and which you pay for every time someone clicks through to your website.

They can be expensive, but they allow you to immediately appear on the 1st page of Google search.

While search engine optimisation tends to produce better long term results than buying Adwords, it doesn’t mean a Google Adword campaign shouldn’t be a key part of your search engine marketing strategy, as when executed well it can attract a lot of extra visitors to your website, quality leads, and new customers.

We can set up and manage your Google Adword marketing campaign that works with and in parallel with your search engine optimisation so you can benefit from both marketing channels.

Google Adwords, also known as Pay Per Click advertising, costs can vary greatly. Some keywords only cost a few pennies per click. If we take our example search term “plumber Edinburgh”, we can see that at the time of writing this page it costs £5.87 per click and there are between 1,000 to 10,000 searches for plumber services in Edinburgh every month.

search Engine Optimisation

Although Google Adwords bring in valuable business, all the adverts combined only share 10-20% of all the clicks on the first page, whereas  the first position in the natural search results of Google receives 32.5% of all the clicks on that page. 

If we take our plumber example again, it means that the website that has 1st position for the search term “plumber Edinburgh” generates between 320-3200 clicks through to their website, many of those visitors will surely be looking to hire a plumber, and it doesn’t cost a penny for the clicks.

Here are some search results related to bathroom and kitchen renovations and you will be able to see that they are very popular with 1,000- 10,000 people searching for that term every month.

We offer economical and effective search engine optimisation and Google Adwork (PPC) packages to help you move up the Google search ranking so you can drive traffic to your website, start winning more business, and increase your revenues.

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