Little Love for Youtube’s Google+ integration

A viral video on Youtube has summed up the attitudes of many on the video sharing site to at Google’s latest updates to comments on Youtube; a story this article writing service shared a few weeks ago.  Google + is now becoming mandatory for participation on Youtube’s comments site.  Forcing users onto a social media site in order to continue being social on a completely separate site was never going to go smoothly.

F*** You Google+

In true Youtube style, one user documented her frustrations in song.  Entitled, ‘My Thoughts on Google+’, the song lyrics document the various frustrations that people are having, summed up by the heading above.

Of prime frustration is the loss of the ability to interact with previous comments.  Users cannot interact with messages previously posted on the site.  While Google may be quite happy to wipe the slate clean of the notoriously foul Youtube comments, users are understandably unhappy.


The reasoning for the move was to halt the barrage of abuse that normally finds its way into the Youtube comments section.  The reason for this was obvious, Youtube profiles allowed its users to remain anonymous.  Under the mask of anonymity, internet users are much more free to say what they like.  And on the evidence of Youtube user comments, that definitely seems to bring out the worst in people.

Of course for Google, ushering Youtubes users onto their social network is a happy heavily beneficial coincidence.  Or maybe it isn’t, and proves another reason for the Youtube community’s resentment.  Few will believe that the reasoning behind the move is purely to protect Youtube’s contributors from hateful abuse.

Freedom of Speech

Often when someone is unhappy about something, they will point to a right they hold as a human being. People feel that Google’s actions may infringe their rights to free speech.  Google and Youtube were both founded in America, and Americans value their right to free speech.

Of course they don’t have the right to force Google to provide them with a place in which to publish their free speech.  They are also not being impeded from free speech, the move is merely designed to make them accountable for what they say.  No longer is hiding behind a veil of anonymity an option, like you can if you want to create an article writing service where you hide your identity (not us).  No where in the world, not the US and certainly not in the UK, does anyone’s rights afford them the right to freedom of speech, with the right to keep their identity hidden.


The arguments against privacy do hold greater weight however, as the sign up details for Google + give up more information about yourself than a simple Youtube sign up with an anonymous name.  For many, especially in the wake of NSA revelations, this is a more pressing concern.

Article Writing Services

Perhaps this will lead to more people departing Youtube and frequenting other video sharing sites in the UK, or other websites which invite comments.  You never know, perhaps this news could be great for your or our article writing services blog.