Keyword Overview and Why it is Important for SEO

So what is a keyword and why is it important for SEO?

A keyword is a search term that you or your potential clients type in a search box to find websites and information on the internet. Your articles and content must have the correct keywords in the correct places and optimised correctly for search engines to know what your site and page is about. This might include searching in:

  • Any search engine such as Google
  • Any social media site such as Facebook or YouTube
  • Any place online where you can enter words and hit the search button.

A keyword phrase consists of two or more words that you type any place online where you can enter words and hit the search button.

Often when you’re just beginning your research into a product or service, you may type in just one keyword, usually a generic word relating to your search. Normally, you are just browsing at this stage.

Later, when you’ve decided that you want some more specific information about this product or service, perhaps even to check its availability in your location, and/or to compare prices, you are more likely to type in multiple words (keyword phrases) to produce more specific search results. At this stage you are likely to be seriously considering buying a product or service.

You might want to remember this:

  • short keywords = browser
  • long keywords = buyers

How do keywords boost organic SEO?

Keywords and keyword phrases as a business owner are incredibly important if you want to get your business found online. If you use your carefully chosen keywords and keyword phrases in the right way and in the right places you will make it much easier for your potential customers to find your website and then maybe buy your product or services. If you think about it, that is probably how you found this website to begin with, through keywords in a search engine!

Choosing the keywords and keyword phrases that will get your website found presents one of your greatest challenges to taking your business online, and the biggest mistake you can make when it comes to keywords is guessing, or copying the keywords from a competitor’s site.

You can discover which keywords people search for and how many times the keyword is searched for per month and by area using Google’s free keyword research tool. 

Keywords are important for search engine optimisation and for your potential customers to find you.