A Guide to Jump Starting Your Website Sales Funnel Marketing

Don’t have an online marketing plan? Well, you are not alone. According to Pitney Bowes their research suggests that 87% of SMEs ignore the positive effect marketing can have and rather worryingly have discovered that for some SMEs “buying office stationery” ranks as a higher priority than marketing and business strategy.

With the rise of internet marketing, how have you adapted to the change? From just 16 million internet users in 1995 to over 2750 million today and growing, there have definitely been changes in the world of business.

Inbound marketing is 62% cheaper than traditional methods therefore, it must make business sense for SMEs to focus their budgets and efforts on this available and hungry market.

Ignoring website statistics, neglecting social media and an overall lack of marketing is costing SMEs over £122 billion in sales per annum.

We don’t want you to miss out on this great opportunity so we have made a FREE online marketing guide for you to download and use.

Who is this digital marketing guide for?

If you want to get started with online marketing or you are an SME still learning the basics then you will enjoy this guide. Focusing on three key areas of web marketing for SMEs as well as how to plan run and manage adword campaigns, the benefits and step by step process to succeed in content marketing, the 101 on Google SEO that is 99% of what you need to know and do and social media marketing demystified.

If you would like to receive a copy, please email us and ask to receive a copy via the contact page.

It also contains help if you are trying to justifying spending budget on digital or web marketing. We will help you justify why you need to be running ad campaigns, creating content and building your online audience and why you need to start right now.

We give real life examples of Google adword campaigns, social media strategy and tactics and uncover the secrets of content marketing success stories.

We show how to find easy-to-win business in most markets (the examples in the Content and Social Media sections are just the tip of the iceberg).

We describe in simple terms how to run Google adword campaigns, create great content, discover great keywords and run social media campaigns, as well as uncovering the pitfalls and perils to watch out for along the way.

Our guide shows how you can use web marketing to win business online by running three specific campaigns.

  • Adwords to immediately attract qualified, hungry traffic
  • Content to boost SEO, engage, convert and retain your traffic
  • Social media to help boost SEO, plus grow and engage with your audience

We demonstrate how traffic can be delivered to your site every month using inbound and outbound campaigns. We explain how you can use Google data and reports like Google Trends and to view the journey of your very own customers.

We try to back everything up with credible and authoritative industry data, statistics and case studies, so you can research the information further from the original sources if they are not our own.

We really hope you find this useful. If you do, then share it with your network, tweet us or get in touch and share your thoughts

The online marketing triangle of success

onlinemarketingchart-smallImagine if you could clone yourself and send thousands of ‘mini-yous’ out onto the internet every day to meet, connect and build relationships with people who are interested in your products and services.

These little cloned mini-yous could take someone who is interested in what you have to say or offer and develop a relationship with them. You could offer them more information free of charge, trials, and promotions and guide them where you want them to go, by providing them with what they are looking for when they need it.

Once you have their confidence they might share some contact details with you so you can stay in touch.

And the process repeats itself …








We believe this simple model is the basics of web marketing if you are creating or growing an online presence.

At just a basic level the adwords will provide instant traffic to your website, well written content will convert more visitors and prospects and the social media maintains loyalty.

If you would like to receive a copy, please email us and ask to receive a copy via the contact page.