Jenni came to us asking for a website that would show her and her services off to her clients and online visitors. In response, we created a visually strong design using a mixture of her own images and others that we created.

Strong call-to-actions

We designed Jenni’s theme to be very eye-catching with strong call-to-actions.

Events and workshops display

With both a workshop and blog overview, you can highlight events in the sidebar and dsiplay sign-up that do not go unnoticed.

Integrated image gallery

It’s easy to add an image gallery to show off the interior of your yoga studio.

Rates card

There is an option to show your rates which are elegantly displayed in a table structure.

Class schedule

The class schedule option not only displays perfectly on a desktop but is also optimized for mobile devices.


Attract new visitors to your website by keeping it up-to-date with your latest news.


Create bespoke pages to introduce all of your yoga instructors with their own thoughts of why they’re so passionate about yoga.

Contact and sign-up

Contact forms and sign up forms for your newsletters.

Dazzling mobile design

This theme is optimized for mobile devices which most of your clients will be using.



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