Increasing Website Traffic With Better Written Content?

increase traffic with articlesLooking for new tricks, techniques and systems for bringing more traffic to your website is the Holy Grail for a website owner.  We all work our tails off for more website traffic, and an increase in numbers is something that is never far from our minds.

However, think about this for a moment:

Is it better for your business to acquire twice the number of visitors to your website or simply improve the effectiveness of your website? And, could your website content be affecting your conversion rates and therefore your bottom line?

There is a straightforward test you can perform on your website called an A/B split test. This allows half of your visitors to see the home page as it is today, and then based on your settings, the other half can see a new ‘test’ page.

The beauty of this test page is that you can tweak it ever so slightly to see if visitors are responding more favourably and doing what you want them to – buying products/services, signing up to a newsletter, downloading a free guide etc.

You can even check to see if changing just one word in a line of text improves conversion rates, should you want to get that specific.

Why not compare a page containing articles you already own with articles for the same page that have been written by our content writing services?  You will easily be able to see the difference we can make.

The upshot is, if you make just one simple change to your website you could increase the conversion rate of visitors to customers drastically – by 25% or more is very feasible. The tests only take a little while to set up and will soon provide you with potentially revenue changing statistics to make informed decisions on.

The tool in question, if you don’t already know is Google Analytics Content Experiments, and it is absolutely free. All you need is a Google account and the time to get to know it if you don’t have an expert to manage it for you.

What is easier and what would bring you a higher revenue gain? Increasing website traffic more than 25% to get a 25% gain, or improving your existing website conversion rate by 25%? Or maybe even both? 😉