How to Solve a Problem like Email?

For many employers in a variety of companies such as seo content writing services, email has become an annoying necessity.  While the benefits of email are obvious, our over-dependence on the system is starting to become counterproductive.

Many have tried, to varying degrees of success, to improve email.  Gmail from Google has been credited with advancing the system, however one new tech start up named Fantoo has dreams of making greater improvements to your email system at seo content writing services.

It was not so long ago that we used to survive in an office without email.  Phones were the primary method of communication, along with (snail) mail However email made it all much easier.  Now instead of having to pick up the phone, you could send an email.  The recipient of the email wouldn’t have to be at their desk in order to receive like they would with a phone call, it would be there when they wished to view it.

The Problem

The main drawback of email is that it’s not a time saver.  It doesn’t require that we are checking our emails, but it turns out that we are checking them.  Nearly all the time.  Many people’s jobs are defined by what is in their email inbox.  Others are not, yet still nearly half of our day is taken up by checking our emails.

Receiving a phone call was a distraction from our work.  Email is too.  The difference is that a phone has to ring to be a distraction.  Employees tend to check their emails far too frequently.  What compounds the problem is the time it takes an employee to refocus after checking emails.  On average we tend to lose 8 minutes of focus time to distractions like emails.

The Solution?

Fantoo is going to revolutionise the outdated inbox and outbox system.  Instead of simply listing emails chronologically by date and time, this new system promises to rank by importance.  It will do this by learning from your user habits and deciding what is important and what is not.

While you may be thinking that this sounds no different from our traditional spam folder – it is.  The spam folder judges what is spam by the algorithims put in place to scan through your mail.  Whether an email is spam or not has nothing to do with the user, it is purely the judgement of Google, Yahoo or whichever other email service that you use.  Or of course your own choice if you have marked the sender as a spammer.


Fantoo is currently seeking funding on Crowdcube, a crowd sourced funding platform like Kickstater.  It has raised £450,000 from pledges, exceeding the £400,000 target.

 SEO Content Writing Services

For an SEO content writing services company this would probably mean that your clients emails would come top of the list, and various promotional emails would rank near the bottom.  The Fantoo system is currentlyin development, however it is showing a lot of potential considering the amount of investment it has attracted.  How it will generate a return on that is as yet unknown.  Hopefully it will crack the secret that makes email work again for businesses like seo content writing services.