How Can Your Content Writing Escape Google’s Cull?

Content writing is King; but it is quality, engaging writers who will lead the revolution against the spurious content mills. How can you ensure your content writing service is ripe for revolt?

Google has created its own version of the guillotine, the collective army of Penguin, Panda and Farmer has swept through unsuspecting websites, beheading poor quality, mass produced content and driving unsuspecting businesses into the depths of the search engine rankings. Not that we can blame Google; it wouldn’t be doing its job if it didn’t bring you the most relevant content when you

In the UK, almost 53 million people are online and 78% of them are carrying out information searches on buying a product or service.

Great content, that which is both useful and engaging, and the subsequent climb in Google ratings, doesn’t happen by accident. It requires experience and practice, a wordsmith to find the voice of your business and narrate a story to your audience, taking time to make it so compelling that people talk about it and share it. Your content should be a clear, concise voice, rising above the babble of counterfeit catchphrases.

In the UK, almost 53 million people are online and 78% of them are carrying out information searches on buying a product or service. What will make them choose yours? People use the web for two reasons; one, to solve a problem and two, to be entertained. Capture and convert browsers by investing in a quality content writing service, allowing you to optimise your organic growth and rise through the ranks.

Content writing can take many forms; a quality article writing service will provide you with a content marketing infrastructure. There are several hungry mouths to be fed after all, from blogs to eBooks and press releases to social media. Although Google currently has the highest amount of unique visitors, Facebook is not far behind, according to a recent study carried out by Go-Gulf. The research also revealed that people spend four times as much time on Facebook as they do on Google, with UK users averaging over seven hours a month on the social media site. By humanising your brand, a content writing service can create and curate an output of bite-sized tweets, blog posts and Facebook updates, enabling you to stay connected with your customers and increase organic growth on your website.

Once there, to paraphrase Mme Antoinette, “Let them eat cookies.”

Don’t make the mistake of using sites that churn out meaningless content. Google algorithms will catch up with sites that have spun content and worse still your readers just don’t like it. Quality, emotive articles can only be produced by a professional content writing service.