High Profile Tweets Thing of the Past for Content Writing Services?

Content writing services have been known to get large audiences for their content by using a high profile twitter account to spread their message.  Many people in the UK have high numbers of followers on their Twitter account due to their clever and lengthy engagement with the platform.  Others are high profile users due to their high profile in the world of celebrity.  Now changes to the Twitter platform mean connecting with these stars could become harder than ever.


If you are a person of high public standing, an actor, a politician, sportstar or anything else that means you are in the public eye, you can have your account verified by Twitter so your followers know it is really you.  Twitter does not accept requests for verification, instead it reaches out to accounts that it believes to be legitimate accounts of high profile people and verifies them.

Value to Content Writing Services

Verified accounts mean that Twitter users know that the messages they are reading genuinely come from the person the account claims to represent.  Many celebrities have fake or parody accounts in existence run by people purporting to be them, often with malicious intent in mind.  Twitter insists that parody accounts must disclose within their profile that they are a parody account in order to not mislead their followers.

For content writing services verified accounts can have a lot of value.  A verified account of a popular UK celebrity carries weight with their followers who are likely to be fans, and likely to be from the same country.  Having content shared with a  celebrity has a great promotional effect and can attract new followers to your own Twitter account or encourage people to invest in your brand.

System Changes

Now however Twitter wants to make some changes as to how verified accounts receive their messages.  One of the best things about Twitter for many users is that you can connect with absolutely anyone that uses the service.  This means that if you are a massive fan of Justin Bieber, you have contact details for him, even though the chances of him actually reading your message in amongst the thousands of mentions and direct messages Bieber receives each day is slim to none.

The fact you can send it though is a bonus for everyone involved as it is not easy to access celebrities personal phone numbers, email or postal addresses.  Celebrities prefer to keep those confidential but are open to Twitter messages.

Now Twitter has decided to allow verified accounts to filter their Twtiter metions by three categories – Verified, Filtered and All.  All will show every mention of an account, while filtered uses Twitters algorithms which attempt to weed out all mentions that appear to be spam.

Verified Network

The most significant change is the verified filter.  Now verified users can look to only see messages from other verified users.  This means they will be less likely to pay attention to regular Twitter users, meaning the regular Twitter users mentions now have less chance of being read by their role models.


A further criticism could be to say that this creates a tiered society on Twitter.   For content writing services, this means that reaching out to a celebrity account to get them to retweet content will be more difficult than ever.  Celebrities can often be paid to post sponsored tweets through their account.  For content writing services, it looks as though buying sponsored tweets will be a more realistic way of getting UK celebrities to post content to their networks now.