Helpouts! An Interactive ‘How to’ for competing with Article Writing Services?

Article writing services offer a number of different forms of article.  One such article that often gets written for a UK audience is a ‘how to’ guide.  These explain how to do certain tasks, normally in a step by step guide.  For instance, there are plenty on this site to guide you through some of the intricacies of internet marketing.

Google now proposes a much more interactive, multimedia rich solution.  Not that article writing services output is free from multimedia but it certainly rare to see a live video in the middle of an article.

Short Attention Span

For some in this multimedia generation, reading just isn’t enough.  And they have a point.  Though some guides can feature screenshots which help guide you through the whole process, these are limited to ‘how to’ guides on software.  When it comes to tasks away from your computer, they can be a little more limited.  Photos will only capture part of the process, many may want to see the whole thing.

For many, the best way to learn to do something  is by watching a video.  Youtube is filled with helpful instructional videos on just about everything,  However basic your task, there is probably a 4 minute video to help you on the worlds largest video sharing site.  There is probably a Youtube video that explains how to watch a Youtube video.


A Youtube video is great.  Say you need to achieve something with your iPhone, perhaps turning on hotspotting or setting up your iTunes account.  A youtube video can guide you through that process from start to finish with no problems.  Now you want to fix your fridge.  You look up the relevant youtube video, but it has a different fridge in the video to the one that you do and the relevant buttons, cables etc are all in different places.

Since everyone has the same iPhone, a one size fits all approach works, as does a guide to Adobe Photoshop or anything else that everyone has the same copy of.  People buy a wide variety of fridges though.  There are also many issues which require training, rather than a step by step guide, for instance learning how to write an article for article writing services, and this is where an expert can help.

Of course, being able to ask a question is another massive advantage, although instant messaging to an expert is a service that has already been around for a long time which offers that functionality.

Imitation is the Best Form of Flattery

Google is by no means the first to offer an expert by video link.  The new Amazon Kindle Fire features a ‘Mayday’ button.  In order to be simpler to use than the Apple iPad, Amazon have given its users 24 hour access to a help assistant via this button.

Google has expanded upon the idea to offer solutions to any problem, but they are by no means the first to do so.  Popexpert is a start up that offers the same kind of service, however it doesn’t have the might of Google behind it.

Impact on Article Writing Services

Article writing services write a much greater variety of articles than how to articles, and for many, reading and skimming to the relevant section is much better than sitting through a whole video.  90% of a how to video can be irrelevant to your needs, and for now, there is no ctrl F to search for what you want in a video.

Article writing services may lose some views in the UK to an interactive expert, but those using them would probably have used Youtube for an instructional video anyway.