Have Content Writing Services Made the Independence Debate Boring?

One hot topic for content writing services in the UK this coming year will be the issue of Scottish independence.  Scotland is set to vote on whether to remain part of the UK, or break away to form its own completely independent government in 2014.  Since the referendum was announced over a year ago however, the issue has already been vigorously debated, leading to claims that the debate has become boring already, despite a year left before a conclusion will be reached.


The claim that the debate has become boring was made by John Downie from the Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations (SCVO).  Their survey found that of the charities surveyed, only one in ten found the debate ‘clear, informative and interesting.’  That does not mean that all of the 9 who said it failed that test though the subject was uninteresting, but that it failed on at least one of the criteria.

As a result, 70 per cent of these charities plan to take a neutral stance throughout the debate.  Although Mr Downie believes that this is a result of being uninspired by the debate and growing tired of party politics and lack of clarity on the major issues, it is an appropriate stance to take.

Split Opinion

Although early polls indicated that the preference for a ‘No’ vote to independence stood at around two thirds of the Scottish population, the ‘Yes’ campaign has eaten into that majority over the last year meaning that the country is somewhat split on the issue.  Taking a stance with regards to the referendum makes little sense for businesses looking to attract a mass market as to back one side would alienate the other.

There are many charities competing for people’s support.  For many donators there might not be a reason to choose between issues like Cancer Research and Animal Welfare.  For a charity to take a political position that alienates this potential donor is nonsensical.

Famous Scots

They are not the only ones.  Many well known Scottish figures have been put in an awkward position when answering questions.  One such high profile star is Wimbeldon Champion and Olympic Gold Medalist Andy Murray.  Murray was the pride of Britain this summer and last, and has always enjoyed the support of his homeland too.  When quizzed on the question of independence, Murray gave an obviously pre-prepared and middle of the road answer.

‘I hope the people of Scotland think long and hard about the issue and make the best decision for Scotland.’

Murray clearly sat on the fence, and it makes sense for any business that wants to thrive throughout the UK to do the same.  While some content writing services are employed to write on behalf of a pro independence ‘Yes Scotland’ vote or a ‘Better Together’ vote for remaining part of the UK, other firms which merely touch on the subject would be wise to steer away from nailing their colours to the mast.

Content Writing Services Stay Neutral

Mr Downie may believe UK charities are simply bored by the debate, but the truth is they would be extremely unlikely to support either side unless one was winning the debate by a landslide.  The debate may be a tad boring so far, but you can expect content writing services to have plenty more to say about Scottish independence before September 2014.  After all, it is a hugely important and significant decision for the whole of the UK.