Google Warns Over Irrelevant Images

For article writing services, using images in an article is a good way to brighten content.  As we all know, a picture speaks a thousand words, and this can help to convey the message of the article.  However many articles are often adorned with irrelevant pictures.  Google, in their quest to improve search and everything on it, is attempting to crack down on irrelevant images boosting a search ranking.

 The Importance of an Image

In previous articles we documented how Youtube is the second largest search engine on the internet, despite only indexing videos.  Images are similar to videos in the sense that they have whole methods of search dedicated to them.  Including an image can bolster your overall search profile by including you on Google, Bing or any other major search engine’s dedicated image search.

The results of image search are not solely limited to the dedicated image searches.  Often they are included in general search results too.  Furthermore, many will link to an image, which is something they are more likely to share than just words and text.  An image adds colour to an article and makes it a more attractive proposition than just text.

Furthermore, on social media, a person is much more likely to like or retweet an image than text.  This is why social sites like Instagram and Pinterest have become popular – because people love images.  If you want to have any social presence on Instagram or Pinterest, then photos are obviously a must.  These are two rapidly growing social media sites so there are plenty of benefits from getting involved.  You won’t be able to share articles, but article writing services go well with pictures.

Why include an irrelevant image?

Sourcing images can be difficult.  For the majority of bloggers and article writing services, financial restraints mean that sourcing your own photos can be an insurmountable difficulty.  For many things, such as events in space or events with limited access – these are literally impossible to take your own photos of.  Not to mention that having skills in both writing and photography is a valuable commodity in the world, and for article writing services that can be a difficult employee to find.

The other option is to buy professionally taken photographs, but these are expensive.  Professional photographers intend to sell their photos to newspapers and circulations that sell on newsstands and take in thousands of pounds in profits each day.  Therefore they need the best photos and are prepared to pay hundreds, even thousands of pounds for an image.  A simple blog can’t compete with that.

Then there are creatively licensed photos, such as certain photos on Flickr which are free to use.  However, these are of course limited.  If a photographer has went to great lengths to get an amazing shot they will not be motivated to share it for free.

Poor Article Writing Services

For these reasons, a blogger or article writing services may be a little limited in what they can use to support an article.  This leads to pictures being used which are not entirely relevant to the text.  Google’s manual search is aiming to stop this and is issuing warnings to article writing services which have images that Google considers to be inappropriate for the article.  The article writing services can then adjust their pictures to something more relevant to continue ranking highly.