Google Revamps the Logo

Any events surrounding Google is always interesting news for content writing services.  This week, Google has become the latest major internet brand to revamp their logo, and the redesign follows the patterns of many other tech companies who have created flatter, simpler designs.

Yahoo was the first to update their logo, but theirs was a much more drastic change, bringing the letters into alignment in their first new logo since the company was established. Yahoo kept the iconic purple, but it was thought the redesign represented an opportunity to excite users to grasp back some market share with the free publicity over the logo.  Western users have so far seemed unimpressed.

Google haven’t changed the positioning of their letters.  They have simply made the letters look more 2d than 3d, and muted the colours a little bit.  The redesign from Google had no fanfare or announcements other than on a blog posting and in fact, the design is one that has been used in the past on internal papers


The new operating system from Apple has been designed with the same style in mind.  While the new iOS update does make the mobile operating system look more modern, it has removed elements of 3D from the graphics.  Removing 3D and making images flatter does not seem like progress, and while iOS may have succeeded in looking fresh and new, Google and Yahoo have arguably returned to an older looking logo.


So if the redesign doesn’t appear to be motivated by stimulating customers to use their service, why have they been created?  For Google and Yahoo, this may well because of focus on emerging markets.

Easier to Read

For Yahoo especially their logo used to be quite quirky and disjointed.  The letters were not in line with one another, and they were different sizes.  It was only a 5 letter word but there wasn’t a consistency to the font.  Whether it worked artistically or not, this doesn’t make it easy to read.

While you may find it strange to consider that Yahoo could be hard to read, imagine Yahoo written in an alphabet you don’t understand, such as Japanese symbols or the Thai alphabet.  If you are a UK native and have ever tried to learn these you will understand that they are difficult.  Now imagine trying to read the output of Japanese content writing services with the symbols in the title written at wonky angles.  It certainly doesn’t make it any easier.

Easier to Display

For Yahoo and Google the increasing numbers of tablet and mobile devices has seen much of their business move to these mobile devices from desktop devices.  Your mobile may have no problem displaying the Google logo, and while you won’t notice any loading time on 3G or superfast 4G connections, you probably won’t be able to get 3G in central Africa.

Benefit to Content Writing Services?

The world’s biggest tech firms have been investigating ways to deliver data more efficiently for the parts of the world that don’t have the greatest bandwidth capacity.  Perhaps their logos are only the beginning.  Content writing services will find the links to their articles on Google’s home page will soon be loaded in the rest of the world as quickly as they are in the UK.