Google Patents a Social Media Helper

If you work in blog writing services, you will be well aware of the efforts that need to be made on social media.  Each blog needs to be shared on multiple platforms, along with interacting with others in your UK and worldwide networks.  Virtual Global are capable of helping you reduce your time on social media to make your use of the networks more effective for marketing purposes.  Google however, looks like it has grand ambitions to make social media even easier for businesses.

Google’s patent

Google have now registered a patent to help you with your social media.  The detail of the patent is a programme which learns from your activities and gains the ability to post as you.

How advanced this will be is unclear.  Will you find responses from yourself on other friends posts that are consistent with your own political views?  Will whole blogs appear meaning blog writing services do not have to create any future blogs ourselves?  Are we all just so predictable?  Perhaps the service will mostly just like content on subjects you like or from friends you pay a lot of attention to.

Other Time Savers for Blog Writing Services

Until now, bots on social media networks have been considered a problem that social networks have sought to eradicate.  Will Google be treated differently to the rest?  Or will Googles bot be so advanced it will be considered acceptable or simply undetectable?

There are many legitimate time savers that you can use to save time on your social media work.  Hootsuite is a tool of choice for many blog writing services.  Hootsuite shares all your content across all your selected networks, as well as pulling content in so you can see it all in one place.  There are many other tools like Hootsuite that do variations on this job, and other tools like Tweepi which is great for gaining or losing followers on Twitter.

Personal lives?

For a blog writing service, Google’s patent may eventually come in useful.  For a personal user however, it may not be so enticing.  Social media is after all, a form of communication, and having conversations you are not even aware of would have little value for a personal user.  What they may appreciate however is Google’s plans to allow them to approve an automated comment on the work of blog writing services before it is published.  This may well prove a useful time saver and actually help increase their engagement in social media whilst simultaneously saving time.

Blog writing services to spend more time blogging?

If the software works though there can be no doubt that professional companies will be intrigued by its potential.  Where could it lead though?  Could a writers blog be predicted and automatically created in the future?  Will blog writing services writers serve 6 months and then be replaced by a Google tool?  For now, if the service works as it is stated in the patent, the blog writing services in the UK are certainly going to be interested in using the programme to save time on social media.