Getting Hired by Content Writing Services?

If you believe that your writing skills are of a high standard and you would love to work professionally in content writing services, it is important to know how to get hired.  Getting work as a writer requires certain skills and it is important that you demonstrate this, and know the correct avenues in the UK to get employers’ attentions.


A Resume, or CV as it is more commonly referred to in the UK, is an obvious step and hopefully every job hunter has at least produced one.  For the job hunter that wants to go a little further though, it is good to tailor your CV to what you are looking for.  Introduce yourself with a short paragraph which highlights the attributes you think content writing services would be most interested in employing you for.

Then make sure they understand the relevant work you have done in the past.  You can do this by highlighting writing work in descriptions of previous work experience, or by making sure relevant work experience or qualifications are at the top.  After all, if you work for content writing services, you will be expected to understand Google.  Very few people read the results at the bottom of a page on Google, so why expect employers to read your most relevant experience if it is at the bottom of a lengthy list of unrelated previous jobs?

Portfolio Showing off your Potential in Content Writing Services

If you have a lot of prior experience in writing, make sure to allow potential employers to see it.  Create an online shared drive with a wide range of your best work in order to convince content writing services businesses to employ you.

Gaining Experience

Many writing roles will only require a good grade in English at Higher or A-Level in the UK and some experience, however if your CV does not contain a lot of previous experience or qualifications that demonstrate your writing proficiency, perhaps it is time to achieve them.    For more experienced positions in content writing services you will certainly need to demonstrate prior experience.  To do this you could undertake a number of free writing assignments that are hosted online.  While working for free is unappealing, it would give you the chance to prove your skills to earn a paid job later.

The other option is to gain a qualification.  A degree or completion of a further education course in any social science or discipline that involves writing will be very useful, although English, Creative Writing or Journalism courses will obviously have an advantage.  For SEO (Search Engine Optimization) roles, there are plenty of relevant courses you can study online or in class.  The Google AdWords qualification is one that you can do yourself from home in your own time for free, and would demonstrate a clear understanding of online marketing.

Showcase Your Skills

With your CV tailored to the businesses you are targeting and a portfolio to match, it is time to showcase your talents.  Sites like and host plenty of online freelancers and employers looking to employ them.  With high competition however, it can be difficult to compete against experienced professionals and you may need to lower your wage expectations.  Sometimes free classified sites like Gumtree or Craigslist can prove more fruitful when starting out with a low level of experience.

The more that you write, the better you will get and you will be able to move up the ladder into more skilled roles.  Hopefully this advice will help you take the first steps to working for content writing services and earning a living writing about the subjects you love for companies in the UK and worldwide.