Our aim is to do EVERYTHING for you so you can get on with running your business. We will build and host your website, design your marketing graphics, deliver your leaflets and even write your content for you.

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Website design services

Our tradesperson and SME websites have been designed and built by the world’s  leading WordPress website developers for improved Google ranking and to convert more of your website visitors into new leads.

Have a look at our selection of beautiful websites and see if there is one that would suit your business.

And remember, you can ask us to change and edit almost anything, free of charge.  You can change or edit the domain name, logo, images, content and menu titles until you are 100% happy.

How can we offer so much for so little?

Altering a headline can affect conversion rates between 20% to 500%, according to Upworthy, the fastest growing media site of all time. And adding a home page slider can kill your SEO, according to the world’s leading SEO website, searchengineland.com, with their article titled, “Homepage Sliders: Bad For SEO, Bad For Usability”. Words, font, font size, colour of font, colour of background, images, image size, position and a multitude of other factors influence conversions rates and your position in the search engines.

With 12 full years of digital marketing experience, running many different online businesses, I’ve honed the most efficient and effective ways to build a beautiful, target market focused website. I also know how to make Google SEO and Google marketing work well for tradespeople and bricks and mortar SMEs, which makes it much easier to get those websites to the first page and first position in Google natural search.

I’ve put all that together into the We Do EVERYTHING For You website marketing package. If we do it all for you, we can do it more efficiently and effectively and therefore at a much lower cost.

How much does it all cost?

Our SEO packages start from £49 per month. Our websites start from £299 for a simple site. Our graphic design starts from as little as £49 for a simple bespoke logo design. Our door to door delivery service starts from just £29 per 1,000.

If you have a project in mind please contact us and we will be very happy to chat with you and give you a quick quote over the telephone and then put something more formal in writing to you.

How long does it take?

If it is just to build  a website we can turn it around very quickly. From the moment you place your order and complete the on-boarding process it will take just 7 working days to get your site LIVE! and online. Your website will then be indexed by Google to appear in their search engine and start attracting visitors who could turn into new customers.

Can I use my own domain name?

Yes, of course you can. With the We Do EVERYTHING For You package you select from our list of domain names. However, if you want to, you can use your own domain name or even ask us to buy one for you. 

Can I use my own hosting company?

Yes, of course you can use your own hosting company or join WPXHosting and benefit from the UKs leading website hosting company. However, we can’t offer 3rd party hosting with the We DO EVERYTHING For You package. Please remember, with the We DO EVERYTHING For You package, your hosting, with our award winning hosting company WPXHosting, voted the #1 hosting company on Trustpilot, is included For FREE, 

Can you write all my content?

The We Do EVERYTHING For You package includes all your website content on up to 7 pages. During our on-boarding session, we will ask you all the relevant questions related to your business and website that we need to write the main pages, like the Home page, Services, About and Contact Us. You are more than welcome to write these pages yourself and upload them to your website, or send them to us and we will add them to your website for you.

Can I write my content and do my own SEO?

Yes, you can. It just takes some time, patience, a lot of good coffee, excellent music and noise cancelling headphones are recommended. 

We’ve installed an SEO plugin created by the world’s foremost expert on SEO and especially WordPress SEO. 

We’ll give you videos that explain everything you need to do. Get a green light in the SEO dashboard and you have just become an expert SEO. All you then need to do is publish another 1,000-1,500 word SEO article every week.  

Can I use my own images?

In the We Do EVERYTHING For You package, all of the images on the website that you choose are included in the cost and we will change any or all of the images so that they portray the company the way you want it represented.  And if you want us to use your own images, of course we can do that. Please let us know what you want to use and where you want to see it on your website and we will be more than happy to accommodate.

Do I get email addresses?

Yes, professional email addresses are included in the price of all our websites. Email addresses are simple to set up and we can easily provide you with 5-10 email addresses, like admin@yourdomain.co.uk, sales@yourdomain.co.uk. Let us know what email addresses you want to include and we will set them up for you. 

Do you look after the security and updates?

Yes, with the We Do EVERYTHING For You package we look after your website and hosting software updates along with your website and server side security. We will keep your site up to date and completely safe from online hackers.

Can you design my logo?

Yes, of course you get a free logo designed with all of our website design packages, including custom website design. We will take the information you give us during the on-boarding process and create 3 logos for you to choose from, and we will keep designing logos until you are completely happy with the design for your business website.

What do I do next?

Go to our list of premium We Do EVERYTHING For You package WordPress websites and choose the website that would best suit your business. Then all you need to do is place your order and then within 7 working days you will have your brand new website.

Do you do custom sites or online shops?

Yes, we can build custom WordPress websites, online shops, estate agency sites, classified ads websites, restaurant sites and almost any other website as long as it is WordPress. Please contact us directly with any custom design requests.

Can you customise the website?

We can customise your website in any way you want and often in just a few mouse clicks we can install a plugin, like an image gallery, newsletter, appointment scheduling, competition or almost anything else you could need for a website.

Even adding a shop is simple (for us) and would cost just an extra £200 using one of our ready built shops.

Extra functionality and customisation that isn’t preset with the plugin, and some are very complex to set up, costs time, but usually many of these features work on install and so don’t take much time to get working.

Ask us for more information on adding features and customisation. 

Can I customise the website?

Yes, you can make as many changes as you like. However, the changes you make might not be included in the We Do EVERYTHING For You package. Some changes may incur a fee for technical support should you need it. Please feel free to ask about any customisations you may want to make and we will be happy to help.

Where do you go door to door?

We only deliver to the general Edinburgh area. If you are interested in our door to door leaflet drop service or are interested in appearing in our soon to be delivered home repair and renovation magazine that will be delivered to 100,000 households and businesses throughout Edinburgh, then please contact us for more information. Be quick as there is only room for a few trade or SME businesses in the magazine. Visit our Local Edinburgh Marketing page to find out more information.