eBay and Argos to Join Forces

It is the equivalent of content writing services producing content for newspapers or notice boards.  One of the internet’s prime retailers has struck an agreement with one of the top UK high street retailers to provide a benefit to both.

eBay have struck an agreement with Argos which will see them be able to use the high street giants many high street locations as a pick up point for goods sold online.  In return, other than confidential financial terms as part of the deal, Argos will benefit from increased footfall to their stores.


Argos is a perfect partner for eBay as it is already experiencing success with a similar model of its own.  Rather than make a purchase in store and take away, or buy online and wait for delivery, Argos users can click and collect in store – ensuring they won’t be left disappointed by lack of stock in the store.

Internet before the Internet

Argos has always been a unique store on the high street, providing an internet-like experience before the internet.  Unlike almost every other store, Argos had very few products on display with catalogues to browse products and make a buying decision, upon which the product would be brought to you.  This is a system much like the internet and it was thought Argos could easily transition to e-commerce, but the process has been slow and it has taken until the last year for Argos to post really positive results.

Benefits of Agreement

The benefit for eBay of the agreement is for all the people who get frustrated by online deliveries being missed during their day at work.  Collecting a parcel then becomes a trip to the nearest mail depot.  Often, these are fewer in number in most areas of the UK than Argos stores.  A trip to the local shopping centre to pick up an eBay product is much more convenient for many than the mail depot.

While many may see the desire to pick a product in store as outdated, much like those who demand a physical paper rather than reading the work of content writing services from their computer screen, there certainly are benefits to the arrangement for eBay.  It also allows them to compete with Amazon who themselves have announced ‘Locker Delivery’ which allows buyers to pick up from designated pick up points in the UK.

Previous Disharmony

There are however fears that the agreement could be detrimental for Argos’ online resurgence.  After all, online retail has damaged high street retail massively over the years, allowing eBay to also have the best of the use of their facilities while also being able to offer most of their product range at a cheaper price may not be beneficial to Argos.

Plenty to Write About for Content Writing Services

The arrangement is on a trial basis and it remains to be seen whether the internet giant’s presence in their store will be of benefit to one of the UK’s most iconic retailers.  If it is a massive disaster for Argos then content writing services will have plenty to write about what would be another painful nail in the coffin for high street retail.