Don’t Be Fooled.

Don’t Be Fooled

Many SEO companies make amazing claims about their achievements – but don’t be fooled. Coming near the top, or at the top, in a Google search for a particular phrase relevant to the company, product, or location may sound great – but totally useless when you learn that (for whatever reason) people don’t search for that phrase.

The more precise, complicated or “personal” a phrase is, the less likely it is large numbers of people are looking for it. If your company is called, “Baldrick Auto Cars” and you are based in Bearsden, you are very likely going to appear position No.1 in Google whenever someone searches for “Baldrick Auto Cars Bearsden”. However, if someone was to search for “Auto Cars” or maybe even “Auto Cars Glasgow” you might not appear even in the first 100 listings, and the reality is most people will not be typing “Baldrick” into a search engine unless they already know your company to begin with.

Getting relevant keywords for your site that people will be typing into search engines to look for your products and services is clever SEO and the only type of SEO that will deliver results.


Be very careful of companies that Guarantee to get your site listed in the top 1-3 positions in Google immediately or within a month. They are normally only placing you in that position using Google Adwords and not using the natural listing at all. Although it looks good, and once again is probably positioned or keywords and phrases that nobody usually searches for, as soon as you stop paying them, your advert and presence in Google disappears instantly.