Digital Marketing Services

Below is a list of the key services people think of when getting involved with internet marketing. We can provide bespoke consulting on each of those aspects and they represent the core of the Jump Start Your Online Presence Training Package.

However, contracting an agency to run your social media and an SEO specialist to improve your ranking in Google and yet another to write your content and yet another to design your website would be similar to taking your car to a different garage for different parts of your cars service or MOT. At the end of it all you wouldn’t know whether you had fully serviced the car, if it had passed the MOT or whether there were any other possible serious underlying problems that needed fixing.

The consultancy and solutions that we offer include the major elements of internet marketing listed below, but as we have been running online businesses for over a decade, we also understand all of the little details that bring your whole campaign together and know where to look if something doesn’t seem to be going the way it should.

The majority of times we are asked by clients to help them with a specific aspect of their internet marketing we will discover major issues with other aspects of their online marketing or online presence that would have been holding them back and hampering their efforts.

Online Marketing Consultancy

Why use an online marketing consultancy like Virtual Global?  Perhaps you are an enthusiastic and ambitious businessman or woman ready to launch yourself into internet marketing, but don’t have the time or the staffing resources to do so.

Rather than put together your own team of expensive professionals or inexpensive, inexperienced interns, why not appoint a consultancy team with proven experience?

Our unique approach outlines the objectives we strive to meet.  This approach helps your business,

  • Increase traffic to your site with new visitors
  • Increase conversion rates when customers visit your site
  • Increase your average order value (AOV)
  • Increase the number of purchases your existing customers make annually
  • Increase your margins on purchases

These five key performance indicators will help measure the performance of our marketing strategy that we implement for you.  We will constantly monitor these performance indicators to make sure we are doing the best possible job for you.  The beauty of the indicators is that they highlight which parts of the process need to be improved upon, which is why our solutions prove so effective.

Before increasing the traffic to your site we will look to optimise your site for conversions.  Next we devise a three year top line strategy which delivers your online business targets.    The targets will not be the same for every year, or even every month as seasonal variations and other variable factors are accounted for.

We will then produce a quarterly report for the next 90 days which details the areas for improvement across all the relevant internet marketing channels.

The strategies may be complex, but the objective is simple.  Our strategy will result in an increased Return on Investment (ROI) for your business.

For proof, have a look a the experiences of one of our previous clients.  They experienced  a 91% increase in revenue thanks to our strategies.

The Benefit to You

The Experts

One of our key attributes is our aptitude for technology.  The world of search marketing is rapidly changing and we have proved ourselves to be capable of keeping up.  A strategy we used successfully a year ago may not be the best strategy to use today, and we are aware of what is needed to keep up with changing demands.

We already run three online business to business companies. What’s more is almost all of the business generated is created by free or very inexpensive online marketing campaigns that run virtually automatically or with very little management required. We believe the fact that we understand the many facets of running a business from the ground up gives us a much deeper understanding of the problems that internet marketing can present businesses and a level of empathy that only first hand experience can bring.

Long Term Partnership

We value your trust, and we look to earn it quickly, before maintaining and reaffirming it over a long period of time.  We deliver a great customer service, which has been emphasised by the words of our clients and by the growth in our business year on year through little more than referrals, and of course, internet marketing.

We believe in long term partnerships.  We will come in and work with you initially and we feel that in those couple of days you will see the benefits of working with us long term.

Consultancy Life Cycle

In order to show you what you can expect from us over the first three months that you work with us, we have set out a consultancy life cycle which details 7 steps to progress your business.

  1. Set out your aims –  Where do you want to be at the end of each year over the course of our partnership.  Goal setting is an essential part of achievement.
  2. Analysis of your Business – We studiously analyse all of your data to gain an understanding of how you are performing currently and what needs to be done to achieve the aims set out in point 1.   This is done using our unique planning approach.
  3. How we will do it –  This step builds on what needs to be done, and determines a strategy that shows you how it will be done.  If your aim is 10,000 Twitter followers, and you need 9,000 Twitter followers to achieve that, this step identifies exactly how we will get the 9,000 followers by the target date.
  4. 90 day plan – This is the short term plan.  Our strategies will run for 90 days before steps 1-3 are reassessed in order to make sure that the next 90 days are even more productive.
  5. Implementation – Now we know exactly what we are doing, it’s time to start work!
  6. Performance Evaluation – At the end of the first 90 day plan, we evaluate what we have done and share it with you.
  7. Strategy Adjustment – After the evaluation comes the opportunity to examine what can be done to improve upon things in the performance evaluation, or if changes in the industry have opened up new opportunities, we can adjust the strategy to take advantage.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

There are two methods to having your website appear on a prominent page of Google Search.

One is to oblige Google for their service and pay for Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising. This is a high cost, short term strategy.  And it works.  But longer term, SEO is a more organic and cheaper to maintain method for attracting new customers to your site.

SEO is the long term solution to an effective search strategy, and should be the cornerstone of all your internet marketing activities.

More people access websites through search engines than any other method.  Ranking highly on them should be a priority for any business.

We don’t promise that we will have you in first place in every possible search query on the internet. For instance if your business is a book shop, we can’t promise to help you outrank Amazon. However we will get you as far up the search rankings as possible, and certainly on the front page for many well researched search terms.


There are many SEO firms who in the past have been known to use sneaky practices to help their clients ascend the search ranking ladder.  We know what these are, and unfortunately for these companies, Google does too.  Sites that use bad practice SEO techniques will find that all the hard work they did (whilst cutting a few corners) will be for nothing as websites in false positions slide back down to the backwaters of Google’s search results.

We only use ‘white hat’ SEO practices, meaning any search rankings you gain will never be cancelled out by a furious Google executive or a change in a search algorithm.

How We Will Help You


This can be a tricky part of optimising your website for a search engine.  It may seem obvious what people would search for to find your website, but that may not be the reality.  It’s also almost impossible to guess the myriad of variations of search terms that other people will use to find your products or services.

We will also assess keyword popularity along with the strength of the competition for those keywords. It is often more prudent to target keywords that people are searching for, but your competitors aren’t optimising their sites for. These are keywords that are quicker to rank for in search engines and will therefore bring in quick business.

Onsite optimisation

Your website will need to be optimised to perform well in search results.  From including keywords to ensuring that users actually remain on the site once they are directed there. When visitors arrive at your site and spend time on there it not only means you have something of value and more time to interact with your visitor, but has a positive effect on your search ranking. This and many other contributing factors like the speed your page takes to load all add a little to the optimisation of your site.

Link Building Services

One of the essential elements of your websites search ranking is the links made to it on other sites.  Google believes websites are more important if they have more people linking to them, especially if they come from what Google judges to be ‘authority’ websites. We will make sure you get these links.

Social Media

Social media is an excellent method to build and maintain strong relationships with customers.  We utilise Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube for every client, and many others depending on the business.

While Facebook and Twitter have high adoption rates around the world, and are good for businesses of all purposes, other social media accounts have more specialised purposed.  For instance, if your company produces products that will gain users attention with pictures, it is advisable to set up a Pinterest or Instagram account.

Social media allows you to get personal with your customers.  Have you ever noticed how a fan page on Facebook appears in much the same way as a friend does?  The instantaneous nature of social media allows you to have instant communication with your followers, whether you want to answer their queries, help with their problems or promote your newest products.

Virtual Global can help you build and maintain that strong social relationship, either by taking over your social media operations or training you and your staff to do it in house.  Either way, the result will be a low cost and extremely effective method of communicating directly with your target market.

How we will help you


After careful analysis of your business, we will devise a strategy for your own employees to implement.  Of course we will give them full instruction on how to carry out the strategy.  A greater range of contributors to your social media objective can be helpful, and it is important to have everyone in your company working towards the same goal.


It’s not quite as simple as merely going through the creation process on Facebook.  We’ll set you up with profiles across multiple social networks that are consistent with your branding strategy.

Social Media Management

We’ll create content for you to share, help you network with the correct people and market your profile in the correct areas to attract attention.

Pay Per Click

Pay per click (PPC) is a great way to promote offers, test a market or search term.  PPC involves buying adverts on a search engine which you pay for every time that someone clicks through to your website on the advert.  PPC will have you on the front page of a search engine immediately for a predetermined amount of time.

While SEO tends to produce better long term results than PPC, that doesn’t mean that PPC should not be a key part of your internet marketing strategy.  PPC campaigns often don’t provide the expected investment on return, however this is due to poor strategy and execution of inexperienced individuals rather than a reflection of the service that PPC provides.  Done well, PPC can provide you an excellent boost to your online marketing efforts.

Virtual Global have years of experience of implementing PPC campaigns, so we know what works and what doesn’t.  We create PPC adverts with targeted markets; whether that’s global, national or local is dependent on your business.  Again, dependent on your business we determine the ideal time frames, search terms and budgets to ensure that you get the maximum from your campaign.

How we will help you

Campaign Review

First, we will begin with a review of your current campaigns to identify what may have gone wrong in the past and how to improve on this.

Start up Package

If you don’t have any previous PPC campaigns we can create you one from scratch after a thorough analysis of your business.

Campaign Management

Once a campaign is set up, that is not the end of the process.  We can monitor your campaign, adapting and optimising for changing trends to make sure that you achieve your target ROI.

Email Marketing

Possibly one of the less exciting internet marketing channels since it has been around since the dawn of the internet, but that doesn’t make it any less important!  While attracting new customers is the main aim of social media and SEO strategies, Email marketing is important to ensure that your existing customers continue to make purchases.

Virtual Global specialise in targeting customers more effectively with emails to offer them products and opportunities they will actually be interested in.  We can help you encourage them to buy from you again and again.

Our vast experience with internet marketing has helped us to learn how to determine the best subject headings, layouts, designs and timing in order for your target audience to not only open your emails, but be enticed by what they find as well.

Our email management service runs on a 90 day plan, with flexible options for your company’s goals.  Our 90 day email plan will set out the details for each and every promotional email that you wish to send.

How we will help you

Email Campaign Management

Not only will we help you devise your strategy, we shall also take care of the email design, writing and also the sending process with an evaluation of the results at the end of the campaign.

Email Design Service

We will design each email for you to make it eye catching and appealing to your users.  The designs will also be extremely accessible, as we ensure they are compatible with all the common web and email platforms.

Analytics and Reporting

To maximise your digital ROI you need to integrate your Content, Search, Social and PR strategies and measure their impact.

It is like throwing money into the wind if you create a marketing strategy and don’t have any solid analytics and reporting in place to provide you with feedback on the effectiveness of your campaigns.

The beauty of online internet marketing is the speed of results that you can track and measure as campaigns begin. You can then alter and refine your tactics until you get just the right balance at all times knowing your return on investment and whether it is working at all.

It’s also imperative to know what your competition is doing and more importantly what they are doing right. Instead of stumbling about the internet landscape and wondering which social media avenues you should invest in or which keywords attract the most visitors, with our reporting tools and experience you will know exactly where to concentrate your efforts. Don’t waste time and money testing here and there when you can know with certainty in reports and statistics what works and how much potential revenue it can bring you in.

How we will help you


As well as Googles set of tools which are the mainstay of any online reporting and analytics we have our own suite of reporting tools that are used throughout the internet marketing industry. We can help you measure, analyse, forecast and report on your organic visibility as well as monitor your competitive landscape.

Identify the Real Influencers in Your Market

Using advanced social profiling and analysis technology, we can pinpoint the journalists, bloggers, brands, publications and associations your company needs to know about and establish relationships with to improve your online presence, search position and social influence on the internet.