Differences between Men and Women on Social Media

There has been little data produced in the UK on how men and women differ on their usage of social media professionally for content writing services, however there is plenty of data to suggest that men and women use social media in a completely different way personally.

From a male perspective, you will often see female Facebook profiles covered in messages of support and love from their friends.  Similarly, every new profile picture or new photo album will attract ‘likes’ like an open jar of honey attracts bees.  As a male, chances are you are not so lucky, and your new profile picture will probably have been greeted by a sarcastic comment from one of your friends.

This is backed up by the statistic that women on average tend to have 8% more friends on the site than their male counterparts.  After all, they treat each other better on social media so are likely to receive more back from one another in terms of likes and messages.

The Detail

Women would also appear to be more frequent users of social media.  A variety of different studies have been performed on social media usage and the majority tend to support this assertion.  Just looking at a sample of women’s’ profiles and comparing to men’s should prove this, with more effort normally being made on the content and design by a female user.

Oddly men are said to be more frequent users of video sharing sites like Youtube.  A suggested reason for this is because the site is more passive, focusing less on the social side and more on the content.  Many men use social media for purposes not unlike how content writing services do.  They prefer to gather information and will return the favour by sharing content that is perhaps not intimate details of their life, but instead useful information for people that may be interested in their work or about UK news or other interests they may have.

Change in Perception

When the internet first came to prominence, it used to be said that there was no such thing as a female user on the internet, as frustrated early adopters were duped time and time again by either male imposters or Trojan programs pretending to be female.  Nowadays the internet is most certainly for everyone and it would seem that women are actually ahead of the men when it comes to one of the internet’s most popular services, social media.

Possible Reason?

According to Forbes magazine, men and women use social media for different purposes.  Women are more motivated to share their life and make connections with their friends.  Men however are on social media for the purposes of building their status and seeking information.

This definition almost makes men seem the more concerned about their social image than women.  However the reasoning apparently stems from childhood, where women are taught as young girls to share and communicate, while men compare and compete.

Personal Usage Relevant to Content Writing Services

Whatever the reason for the differences, although the differences are small they are still important to consider for content marketers.  The differences between the genders are likely to be the focus of more attention in the near future in order to attain better data of usage in the UK.  Content writing services producing articles for social media must be aware of their likely audience and how they will use the material if they wish to succeed in marketing goals.