Content Writing Services with a Flat Battery

If you work in content writing services then the chances are that you at least dabble in social media as a means of curating your content.  If you are not an employee of content writing services, the chances are you are a UK citizen that has accessed this article through social media.  Social media is important to everyone and is becoming increasingly mobile.

For many of us that work within social media, we spend a lot of time using it on the go via mobile devices.  Many of us may feel completely stuck when the battery on our device runs out and we can’t stay informed.  This will be even worse for people who have important calls to make.  Arguably it is important for everyone as who is to define what is an important call?  At any time we could all receive life changing news via the phone.

Solutions to Keep Reading Content Writing Services

As a flat battery stops us being able to work or communicate like we have become accustomed to in the UK this century, it’s becoming increasingly important we take steps to avoid being cut off.  Rather than monitoring our battery and making sure we don’t spend too much time reading the output of content writing services on social media, we can buy a variety of devices to boost our phone’s capacity.

Spare Batteries

As simple as this may seem, many don’t consider the possibility of simply purchasing an extra battery for their phone.  The vast majority of phones, although notably not the iPhone, have a battery which can easily be removed from the device, which most of us do for resets.  There are plenty of vendors that can be found on eBay or any store that specialises in mobile which will sell you replacement batteries for your phone.  This will normally cost less than £10, and by buying two spare batteries and carrying them in your pocket, you will gain triple the battery life by swapping them in when your current battery runs out.

Power Packs

Increasingly popular for smartphones, especially in Asia, is an auxiliary power pack which takes the place of your normal wall charger when you are on the go.  Simply charge this up while charging your smartphone, and when your battery runs low you can top it up using the power pack.

Normally these will be a little more expensive than the spare batteries, but the advantage is that they can be used with any phone due to their universal ports (normally both iPhone and Android/Blackberry/Windows).  So when you upgrade your phone you won’t have to buy new batteries, and if you are feeling generous you can offer your spare power capacity to friends.

Clean Energy Chargers

Kickstarter funding has led to the development of the ‘Flamestower’, a product which enables you to charge your smartphone with heat.  This is a fascinating merge of the latest technology with the most primitive practice of lighting a campfire.  Now the campfire can charge your phone.  It will not do it as quickly as the previous two suggested options, but if you were desperate the advantage is that you can recharge your phone from literally any heat source.  There are also other methods including solar power or the kinetic energy from your your own arm.  These devices are likely to be decidedly more niche, but if you are planning on camping for more than 5 days in the wilderness or climbing a mountain in one of the UK’s mountainous regions, they may be a great option.

If you can’t afford to leave content writing services alone while out of the office or home, then getting some spare power capacity to aid your smartphone is a must, and with these relatively inexpensive options to do so, there is no reason why you should be left uninformed again.