Content Writing Services Wishes Jeff Bezos a Merry Christmas

While it is still far too early in the year for content writing services or consumers to be talking about Christmas, for many businesses Christmas is an all year round consideration.  Almost regardless of what your product is, you can expect to sell more of it in the UK at Christmas time.  Even swimwear will probably receive a minor boost to sales in the winter months!

Jeff Bezos is the CEO and founder of  Christmas is an extremely important time of year for him.  Amazon sells just about every type of product you can think of, and will expect to be making 44 sales a second at their peak in the run up to Christmas.

Why the Best Wishes from Content Writing Services?

Jeff Bezos has an powerful position in society as the head of such an influential corporation.  As far as content writing services are concerned, the Amazon Kindle is a big source of online media consumption.  While compared to the stratosphere of smartphones, computers and other tablets its share currently may be minimal, it is predicted that it will gain more market share in the coming years.


Tablets like the Kindle Fire tend to serve a certain purpose for their consumers.  The Kindle brand is associated with reading due to the success of the e-paper Kindles that Amazon initially produced.  The Kindle Fire tablets which offer a greater multimedia service come stacked with useful reading tools as well, making the product almost seem like an interactive magazine at times.

While tablets like the iPad sell to those who want high performance devices for gaming or photography, the Kindle Fire focuses on providing a multimedia experience that can be held in one hand.  This is suited to content writing services who are producing the material read by Kindle users.  Furthermore, Amazon apparently sell their Kindles at a near break even prices.  Whatever the profit they make from the device, it certainly makes their product more accessible to a greater number of people.

Associated Products

Of course the reason Amazon can sell a Kindle cheaply and not need to make a profit from the device is due to the associated sales they can make to owners of Kindle devices.  Kindle owners buy ebooks, which Amazon has the world’s largest and most profitable store of.  The Kindle is merely designed to keep people buying books, much like the Android platform is designed to keep smartphone users returning to Google search.  Apple is in a similar position with the iPhone helping to drive sales from iTunes and the App market, however you don’t become the world’s most valuable company without charging a premium.

So with three new Kindle models entering the market place, it makes sense for content writing services to hope that they are a success in the UK this Christmas.  The Kindle Fire especially is ideally placed to help drive the views of content, although any tablet really that comes pre installed with Flipboard or Google Currents will probably encourage its owner to read more.  Whether it is a particularly happy Christmas for Jeff Bezos or not, it appears certain that tablet sales will continue to sky rocket in the UK, increasing the trend of reading the products of content writing services on the go.