Content Writing Services Influence the Prime Time Emmys

This year’s prime time Emmy awards promise to be a little different from previous years thanks to the impact of content writing services and the internet.  The American television industry is a little different from here in the UK and judges will be looking to reward he shows which have had the biggest impact over the last 12 months.

As multimedia on the internet has progressed, this year is the first time that the awards show gave out nominations of its awards for best television show to programs which have never actually appeared on television.


Netflix is a subscription based streaming service which has begun acting much like a major American television network.  Despite having no television presence, Netflix has bought up exclusive rights to American TV shows such as ‘Arrested Development’ and ‘House of Cards’.  ‘House of Cards’ managed to scoop an award for Best Director, the first time an internet broadcast show has won the award.

House of Cards actor Kevin Spacey commented, ‘This represents a new paradigm for the industry.  It shows that the academy has a modern, progressive streak.  More companies are going to step forward to do this kind of thing, so more shows will be produced, more actors will be hired, more work done  – It’s good for the economy as well,’

In the UK our online TV content remains limited to additional content and catch up.  In America, content writing services and social media contributed to the rise from the ashes of shows like Arrested Development.  Arrested Development was originally a TV show on major US network FOX.  Despite gaining a cult and devoted following, the show was dropped after its third season.

US TV executives are notoriously brutal when it comes to axing shows, with many shows with reasonable ratings being axed in favour of the potential of other shows or the cheaper production costs of reality television.  Arrested Developments fans however were not happy to see the show finish, and between their efforts on social media and content writing services coverage of the show, the appetite for its resurrection was sufficiently demonstrated to Netflix bosses who commissioned its return.


This year is also the first where the Emmy winners are being predicted from Facebook buzz.  With a significant contribution from UK audiences watching American shows like Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones online, along with content writing services who share articles about these shows through Facebook, blog site Mashable has cast an eye over Facebook’s data as to which shows are proving most popular.

There is also data as to which actors and actresses have gained the most attention and these figures are likely to increase as content writing series debate the relative merits of the nominees.

 UK To Follow Suit?

Currently the UK’s major online television players are all services associated with TV channels such as Sky player or BBC iPlayer.  Netflix may grow in the UK but its content is still predominantly American.  Perhaps the most likely source of a UK television show winning awards despite only being an online exclusive would come from Youtube channels.

The recognition of Netflix’s TV marks another step in the development of the internet and the power of social media and content writing services.  TV is still the main method of viewing programs and movies in the UK, however it appears that the internet is now a very viable alternative for creative people seeking an audience.