Content Writing Services Eulogising Over Grand Theft Auto

Content writing services which work on behalf of games industry websites will find it hard to talk about any other topic this week.  Grand Theft Auto V was released at midnight of the 16th of September, with thousands of gamers across the UK camped out to get a copy.

It is predicted by many that the game will become one of the highest selling games to ever grace the Playstation 3 or the Xbox.  The game may have become the best selling ever, however due to the numbers of Wii Sports games sold when bundled with the Nintendo Wii, Grand Theft Auto will be looking at the Call of Duty series which annually sells more than 25 million copies, as its benchmark for sales.


Not only is this game likely to sell more than most other games before it, it is also the most expensive game ever made.  It is reported that the game cost $265 million to make, making its budget comparable with expensive blockbuster movies like Titanic.  However with sales projected to be in the region of 30 million, with the game retailing for around $65 in the United States and £40 in the UK, the game should bring in over £1 billion in revenue.  In fact, many content writing services writers believe that the game should bring in enough money for its creators to make their money back within a couple of days of its release.


There is nothing particularly new that this game brings to the series, although one of the main playable characters in the game is commonly described as a psychopath.  The Grand Theft Auto series has commonly been blamed for a number of society’s problems throughout its existence –  the game commonly being referred to in any discussion about violent video games.

The game has been blamed for many murders.  This year, an 8 year old boy picked up a loaded gun and shot his grandmother in the head, with Grand Theft Auto being blamed for his actions.  Of course, the fact that an 8 year old had access to a loaded gun may be seen as a somewhat greater part of the problem for most rational people, but Grand Theft Auto has to deal with being blamed by parts of society who let their children play the 18+ adults only rated game.

A Great Job for Content Writing Services

While a little bit of controversy, along with a massive budget normally go a long way when selling a video game, what helps shift the game from the stores is the fact that it’s an incredibly good game.  This the 5th full title in the series, with a number of fully fledged spin off games.  Every game in the series has been outstanding, and looking at the early reviews from content writing services from both the UK and other parts of the world, it seems that this latest Grand Theft Auto game has actually raised the bar.

On the average review score for the Xbox 360 is an incredible 98% upon its release.  Anyone working in content writing services who is handed a copy of this game is in for a treat.  Expect this game to dominate a lot of people’s lives in the UK in the coming few weeks.