moneyThere’s a lot more to copywriting than just paying someone to write stuff for you. The benefits of content writing are many and varied. Before we go into specifics, just remember this: content writing frees up your time, cuts your costs, and improves the performance of your marketing.

Want to know how? Just read on.


If your business has any sort of online presence then you know what SEO is. Fresh, high-quality content is vital in ensuring that your website gets ranked highly on search engine results. The higher up you are, the more potential customers will come your way. Getting your content written by professional, experienced writers ensures that perfect balance between what the search engine needs to read and what your target audience needs to read.


When people think of copywriting, they often think of money going out. What they tend to overlook is the money coming back in. A professional writer crafts better copy, with stronger messages, that will attract more readers, and convert more customers. With copywriting you don’t get what you pay for – you get a lot, lot more.


What business owner has the time spare to sit down and write quality, engaging content on a regular basis? Let’s face it, there are a lot of other tasks you need to be doing and content writing isn’t the kind of job you want to rush. With experienced writers, and keen eyed proof readers, all you need to do is hand over a brief and put the content you receive to good use. In the meantime, you can get on with whatever it is you need to be doing. Simple.

Better content

Everyone can write to some degree. When it comes to promoting your business and attracting new customers you want to make sure you’re doing it properly. You’d choose the best graphic designer, the highest quality web developer, and the most professional suppliers. Getting a professional writer to craft bespoke content will get you much better results, and therefore make you more money.

The perfect writer matched to your company with no work required from you

Finding the right writer for you can be a time-consuming process.We already have a large team of flexible writers with whom we have a strong relationship. We look after them, because we know that writers who are cared for care about you. Instead of you having to trawl the internet, reading reviews and finding recommendations, we can match you with the perfect writer for your job.

We don’t mass-produce we craft

Virtual Global is not a content farm. When you come to us you are accessing the skills of a well-paid writer at the top of their game. They work with us because we understand the power and the value of the written word, and we work with them because they have the skills to grow your business, attract your customers, and increase your sales. Our flexible pool of talented writers means that we will have the right person for your industry. Get in touch today to see exactly how content writing can grow your business.