What Does Content Writing for Search Engine Optimisation Entail?

optimised-articlesThe importance of content writing for search engine optimisation cannot be overemphasized. Every business wants to get ranked highly on major search engines and this has created cut throat competition online. The flip side to all this is that certain dangerous practices have emerged. The number of black hat strategies being used to fabricate content and rankings is alarming to say the least.

Good content writing involves hiring a company that delivers high quality work and can boast a superlative reputation. In order to sort out the wheat from the chaff and to protect yourself from substandard content and scams you need to stay informed.

4 Common Dangers Of Content Writing Services For Search Engine Optimisation

1. We Only Use British Writers and Never Outsource to Foreign Companies

Most search engine optimisation content writing providers will tell you that your work will be written by British writers and never outsourced overseas. This is not always true as some of them will dispatch the work for pennies to non-native English speaking writers with poor understanding of grammar and spelling. You need to employ a healthy dose of scepticism before you issue work to any writing company. Find out how they operate and ask for examples of work they have written.

Also, make sure there is a 100% satisfaction guarantee in place.

2. All work will be submitted within 24 hours

There are numerous adverts which promise to deliver bulk orders within 24 hours.  Now, you may well receive your orders in such a truncated timeframe, but the quality could be highly comprised.

Select your content writers from search engine optimisation services that offer a reasonable timeline, and make sure that both you and the writing company check all work with Copyscape for plagiarism. All of this takes time, so do not fall for “instant content” ploys. Filling your website, and especially a blog or forum with instant content isn’t a good practice for search engine optimisation. Drip feeding a site with regularly posted well written articles is a much more natural and effective practice.

3. Be wary of article spinners and software

Many people and companies have fallen foul of content writing firms that use article spinning software to find almost identical content to their paid for articles already posted online. Always work with reputable content providers to acquire quality content that will generate quality traffic for your site. You may be required to pay slightly more, but the results will be worth it.

4. Is it still readable for your visitors?

It might be good for the search engines, but does your article read well enough to keep your visitors interested?  Do they want to read more articles and interact with your website? Google and other search engines are aware of how much a visitor interacts with your site and how long they stay on a page.   All this information is recorded and available for you to see in Google Webmaster. What does this mean? Well, if Google sees that a visitor likes your content it will position you higher in the search engines.

Remember, that when it comes to content writing for search engine optimisation, you will only get what you pay for. Why not contact us today, and if you don’t think we can write great, well optimised content for you we’ll give you a free 500 word article, no questions asked.

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