Top 5 Content Curators for UK Businesses

Content Writing Services and UK Businesses

Content writing services require inspiration to motivate their content.  However content curators can prove useful for any UK business for a variety of reasons, not just for motivating articles.  Marketing professionals will want to use content curators to keep ahead of trends, monitor competition, for business research and to build relationships through social media.

Keeping up with all content relevant to your business can be difficult though with all the various platforms that produce content.  Fortunately there are many tools available to help you with all this content, allowing you to filter and view all from one place.  Here are 5 of the best.

Google Alerts

The king of search of course has a method of aggregating the content featured in its searches.  You can use Google Alerts to search for a variety of keywords and it will send you an email whenever those keywords are hit.  The advantage of Google Alerts is its ability to pick out anything from Google Search, including forums and blogs perhaps missed by other social media focused content aggregators.


Hootsuite was one of the first, and remains one of the best ways to curate content.  You can set up streams of content to come through the system from a variety of different sources such as news and social media, and then filter it by keywords or by favourite sources.  Furthermore, Hootsuite also gives you the ability to then immediately share this information across a variety of platforms, meaning all your curation needs can be done from one place!  This can be a great time saver for content writing services and all UK businesses alike. gives you the ability to bring all your favourite sources of content together in the form of an online newspaper.  Choose your topics and the website will automatically bring it all together daily or weekly depending on your preference.  An added bonus is the ability to then share the paper with followers, meaning you have created ready to share content from your curation!  Perfect if you have a need to share more content with your followers in the UK that comes from other sources, other than the material from yourself that content writing services have provided you with.


Since the announcement by Google that its reader service would be discontinued, there has been a scramble among competitors to appeal to fans of RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds.  One RSS aggregator that has done particularly well is Feedly.  Part of their success is the simple solution they have set up to allow former Google Reader users to import their RSS feeds to Feedly.


Lumi is a newer, potentially even easier way to set up a content curator.  Simply install Lumi to your browser and then carry on like you did before!

Lumi tracks your browser activity and investigates your bookmarks in order to learn the type of content you are interested in.  It will then provide content to you that is similar to what you have viewed in the past, even recognising territories, if for example you are only interested in content from the UK

If you need to generate some ideas for content writing services, then any one of these content curators, or maybe a combination of a few, could save you a lot of time on browsing for content to spark ideas.