Cold Calling – Can the Virus be killed by Content Writing Services?

Cold calling is the controversial form of marketing that content writing services do not use.  Cold calling to UK homes and mobiles is intrusive and ineffective.  There are much better forms of marketing that allow the recipients to choose what they want to hear, and they are normally more receptive to marketing they are actually interested in.

The recipients of cold calls are normally chosen at random to hear about a subject they often will have no interest in.  Normally the person making the call has no great desire to do it either.  However if they want to take the first steps towards a lucrative sales job, proving they have what it takes is crucial, and cold calling is an easy first job to get.


Cold calling is only effective in the sense it is direct.  You may only sign one person up out of 100, but if those 100 hang up the phone instantly as they have been put off by the direct sales method, then your cold caller is potentially capable of making at least a significant proportion of those 100 calls in one hour.  If one person is signed up then their wages and the cost of the calls are normally more than covered.

Instant Invitation to Treat

Another annoying trait of the cold call is the pressure which the call will normally put on you to purchase.  For many the decision to purchase takes time, and is something they may wish to sleep over.  On the phone, sales people often get pushy.  Content writing services normally produce content which is designed to capture attention.  After the interest is captured, conversion normally occurs sometime later, and little pressure is put on the potential customer.

Premium Number

Lee Beaumont, a UK businessman, came up with a novel way to deal with the pesky cold calls.  He set up a premium rate phone number at a cost of £10 to enjoy a benefit of 10p per minute on phone calls received.  From then on, whenever filling out forms on the internet he would list the premium rate number.  Mr Beaumont claimed he had earned £300 from the number in under 2 years, according to an interview with BBC Radio 4.

Why Content Writing Services are More Effective

If you are reading content produced by content writing services then the chances are it is because this is content that appeals to your interests.  You chose to navigate to the site after all.  Content on the internet is also cheaper than making nationwide UK calls, and hundreds or thousands of people can enjoy content, rather than the one recipient of a phone call.  While it will normally take around 5 or 6 pieces of content to convince a consumer to invest, the number of consumers reading and cost of hosting on the internet make it more effective than calling everyone in the UK.

For these reasons, content writing services are normally more effective than cold calls.   Both consumer and the content writing services team enjoy the interaction more than the cold caller and his agitated target he has just woken up.   I’m sure 99 out of 100 UK citizens would agree.