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72 Questions When Thinking Web Design

website-design-tipsThe list of 72 Top Questions to Ask Your Web Designer

We wouldn’t expect you to go through every question on this list one by one, but it does give an example as to the depth you should go into to be sure your website designer delivers the web solution you are looking for.

  1. How does your company handle email?
  2. Do you need any password protected areas?
  3. Do you have the Pantone numbers for your current company colors?
  4. Did you take a look at our portfolio?
  5. What is your time frame?
  6. Is this a brochure site, or a blog?
  7. Who is your audience?
  8. Do you have any specifications?
  9. What are the website addresses of your competitors?
  10. How many other companies have you talked to?
  11. Do you need a business card and letterhead?
  12. What is your main message?
  13. Did you or someone else register the domain?
  14. How familiar are you with search engine optimization and best practices?
  15. What are several websites you like?
  16. Do you currently have a website?
  17. Do you or anyone on your staff have Photoshop or other image editing software?
  18. Do you need search engine help?
  19. Does the site launch need to coincide with a product launch or any other important milestone?
  20. Do you need a content management system?
  21. How long have you had a website?
  22. Do you have photos you need to use?
  23. Will several people be editing the site?
  24. How many pages do you need?
  25. Do you have a catalog or brochure?
  26. How do people find your current website?
  27. Do you have a newsletter?
  28. Are you in touch with the orginal designer?
  29. Do you have access to the web server?
  30. What are several websites that you like the look of?
  31. Do you have control over the domain?
  32. Do you need any other promotional material?
  33. How familiar are you with usability studies?
  34. How important is search engine ranking to you?
  35. Is there any specific functionality you need?
  36. Will you be providing creative direction?
  37. Do you have your content done?
  38. Will your IT person be involved?
  39. Do you have a logo? What format is it in?
  40. How familiar are you with graphic design best practices for web designs?
  41. What is your current hosting company?
  42. Have you been through the complete web design and development process before?
  43. Who are your competitors?
  44. How often do you need to update the site?
  45. Describe the style of website you are looking for?
  46. Is the original developer still available?
  47. What is your budget?
  48. What is compelling about working with us?
  49. Do you need an image gallery?
  50. Are you or anyone on your staff familiar with HTML and CSS?
  51. Is your logo in Illustrator format?
  52. Do you need this to integrate with your existing identity pieces?
  53. How are you going to maintain the site?
  54. What software do you have?
  55. How did you find us?
  56. Did you read any of our blog?
  57. What bugs you the most about websites?
  58. Do you need any other graphic design help?
  59. Do you need social media tools built in, like Digg, Facebook, Twitter, Stumble Upon, etc.
  60. How familiar are you with web standards and web design best practices?
  61. Do you need the website to tie into any particular 3rd party applications?
  62. Do you need a contact form?
  63. Do you have a domain?
  64. Do you have any proposals from other design firms?
  65. How important is customization to you?
  66. Will you want or need help in making changes? If so, would you need help routinely?
  67. What do you need your website to do?
  68. Do you need ecommerce?
  69. Have you considered redesigning your logo?
  70. Do you have hosting?
  71. Have you considered taking a fresh look at your corporate identity? This a good time to consider refresh or an entirely new identity.
  72. When is the last time you updated the site?

Contact us for website content and blog articles. We also offer blog management services too.

Don’t Be Fooled.

Don’t Be Fooled

Many SEO companies make amazing claims about their achievements – but don’t be fooled. Coming near the top, or at the top, in a Google search for a particular phrase relevant to the company, product, or location may sound great – but totally useless when you learn that (for whatever reason) people don’t search for that phrase.

The more precise, complicated or “personal” a phrase is, the less likely it is large numbers of people are looking for it. If your company is called, “Baldrick Auto Cars” and you are based in Bearsden, you are very likely going to appear position No.1 in Google whenever someone searches for “Baldrick Auto Cars Bearsden”. However, if someone was to search for “Auto Cars” or maybe even “Auto Cars Glasgow” you might not appear even in the first 100 listings, and the reality is most people will not be typing “Baldrick” into a search engine unless they already know your company to begin with.

Getting relevant keywords for your site that people will be typing into search engines to look for your products and services is clever SEO and the only type of SEO that will deliver results.


Be very careful of companies that Guarantee to get your site listed in the top 1-3 positions in Google immediately or within a month. They are normally only placing you in that position using Google Adwords and not using the natural listing at all. Although it looks good, and once again is probably positioned or keywords and phrases that nobody usually searches for, as soon as you stop paying them, your advert and presence in Google disappears instantly.


Frequently Asked Questions

How much would a website cost me?

How big will your website be?

How can I make a £million on the web?

(1) Get a consumable product everybody wants to keep on buying.
(2) Price it well.
(3) Get a user friendly website.
(4) Get found at the top of search results.
Virtual Global Communications can help you do (3) and (4) and guide you with (1) and (2).

How should we decide what we want?

Search for competitors on the web; see how they present and rank; resolve to do better than them.

Can I change things on the website myself?

You can even do it on line with a CMS website easily.

Will the site be submitted to search engines?

It’s easy to submit a website to search engines.

Do I need to buy a computer for my website?

Your website will be hosted on an Internet Service Provider’s computers which are on-line 24 hours a day 7 days a week. You can view your website from anyone’s computer anywhere in the world, even from your public library or internet cafe. You don’t need to own a computer.

Do I need to buy software for my website?

No, unless you want to update your website yourself. Then there is free or shareware software available for download.

Will I get an email address with my website?

If you register a domain name and have it hosted, you can have your own email addresses – several if you like.

Web Design – A Checklist

We’re a Glasgow based company and know exactly who are target market is. Do you? This article might help.

Who is your target audience?

  • Who you want to reach on the web?
  • What are the key words they would search for?

How many pages?

  • Just a home page?
  • Home page and detailed information pages?
  • Home page and a database generating inside pages (products and / or pictures)?
  • Home page, database and shopping cart?
  • An interactive form – sending information from your visitor to you, sending an acknowledgement to the visitor?
  • Downloadable PDFs?
  • Pictures enlarged from thumbnails?
      — It can always be added to. Contact us for a detailed quote.

Do you have:

  • Logo?
  • Catalogue?
  • Pictures?
  • Colour preferences?
  • Title fonts preferences?
  • Artwork?
      — We’ll co-ordinate with your business branding.

In what form is your information?

  • Access database?
  • Excel spreadsheet?
  • Word document?
  • PDF?
  • Printed Catalogue?
  • Can you email it – or can we scan it?

Do you have any

  • photographs?
  • sound?
  • video?

Send us your material by email or disk or alternatively we can source images and create the content for you.

Let us then show you how it looks on a test site and we can then work together to make sure we get it just right.