Simple web marketing packages for SMEs

If you need to get going with your online marketing, these simple packages are for you. They will get you noticed by Google and build your social media audience.

We do provide bespoke solutions as well, but to give you an idea of what you should be doing as a minimum we have put together two simple packages that get the job done with minimal financial and time investment.

Apart from advertising, which is expensive, but does provide immediate results, the other two most important elements of internet marketing for SMEs are-

  1. Adding fresh, relevant and unique content regularly to your website
  2. Sharing it through social media channels

Why is content so important?

  • Blogs give websites 434% more indexed pages and 97% more indexed links
  • B2B companies with blogs generate 67% more leads per month than non-blogging firms
  • 75% of people will buy goods after seeing a friend or family member recommend it online
  • 80% of business decision makers prefer to make purchase decisions after reading articles rather than an advertisement
  • A recent study showed that out of 9 leads that were generated by paid search, 31 were generated by content marketing.
  • The cost per lead for the paid search was £69, while the cost per lead using content marketing was only £20

Why is social media so important?

  1. Increased Brand Recognition. The top three organizational goals for B2B content marketing are brand awareness (82% of companies); lead generation (74%); and customer acquisition (73%) according to the CMI.
  2. Improved brand loyalty. Convince&Convert found that 53% of consumers who follow brands in social are more loyal to those brands.
  3. More Opportunities to Convert. The customer journey is very complex today and involves a lot of what we call “touch points”. Each one is an opportunity to connect with potential and existing clients.
  4. Higher conversion rates. Adding videos to landing pages can increase conversions by nearly 90% and studies have shown that social media has a 100% higher lead-to-close rate than outbound marketing.
  5. Increased Inbound Traffic. 34 percent of leads are generated through inbound marketing; only 22 percent of leads are produced through outbound marketing – Hubspot.
  6. Decreased Marketing Costs. According to Hubspot, 84% of marketers found as little as six hours of effort per week was enough to generate increased traffic.
  7. Better Search Engine Rankings. It’s official, G+ is one fo the top three influencing search engine ranking factors. Google are placing more and more importance on social signals.
  8. Richer Customer Experiences. 71% of consumers who experience a quick and effective brand response on social media are likely to recommend that brand to others, compared to just 19% of customers who do not receive a response.
  9. Improved customer retention. According to Gartner, Failure to respond via social channels can lead to up to a 15% increase in churn rate for existing customersAnd maybe the most important reason to get going with social media is-
  10. Your Competition Is Already Involved.

Your website and content are there to help provide your visitors, prospects and clients with –

  • Regular updates, useful information and sales copy
  • Help them learn about your products, services, company and brand
  • Lead them along a customer journey towards a call to action or buying decision

We have two simple web marketing packages for SMEs that focus on the above.

These packages will help you deliver regular fresh content to your audience and share it via selected social media channels. Of course the idea is for you to add to it as well to make it more personal, but should you be too busy to Tweet, or would prefer to close more business than write an article, you will know that we will always be posting and sharing on your behalf.

Perfect if you want to-

  • Build your online presence
  • Attract better quality visitors
  • Increase the number of web pages indexed by Google
  • Improve your page ranking
  • Improve conversion rates
  • Increase reading times
  • Increase reader loyalty
  • Convert more sales
Dedicated account manager
4 excellently written article    12 excellently written articles
Tailored social media plan   Tailored social media plan
2-3 tweets per day 3-4 tweets per day
1-2 Facebook posts per week 3-4 Facebook posts per week
1-2 LinkedIn updates per week 2-3 LinkedIn updates per week
£35 per week £95 per week

There are no binding contracts and should you decide you do not want to continue with the service you can cancel at any time.

For bespoke packages, please contact us directly.

SMEs – £122 Billion in Sales Down the Drain

With the rise of internet marketing, how have SMEs adapted to the change? From just 16 million internet users in 1995 to over 2750 million today and growing, there have definitely been changes in the world of business. Inbound marketing is 62% cheaper than traditional methods therefore, it must make business sense for SMEs to focus their budgets and efforts on this available and hungry market.

“The average person in Britain spends over 50 hours a week online.”

Social networking is taking over the world.

In only six years…

  • Facebook went from 12 million to 1 billion accounts

  • Twitter from 1 thousand to 500 million accounts

  • Linkedin went from 8 million to 200 million accounts

  • WordPress went from 600 thousand to 60 million

  • Google+ reached 400 million in less than 2 years

Graph showing the rise of social media.

SMEs can no longer ignore the possibilities of inboard marketing.

Could your company be throwing money down the drain? According to Mashable (see infographic) 44% of direct mail is never opened, 86% of TV ads are skipped and 91% of email users have unsubscribed from a company that they previously opted in to due to spam. (Using that knowledge, plus the fact that inbound marketing has lower costs and higher returns, it’s sure to be a winner for any business.)

  • 44% of direct mail is never opened

  • 86% of TV ads are skipped

  • 91% of people unsubscribe from opt in email due to spam.

Mobile Marketing.

Mobile marketing is also becoming more prominent as Smartphone technology develops. BDaily report that 27% of adults and 47% of teenagers now own a Smartphone and that by 2015 more than half the population will have and use Smartphones. However, BDaily also show that “66% of consumers would like to receive offers from brands they trust on their mobile devices, yet only 23% of consumers have.”

  • 27% of adults and 47% of teenagers own a Smartphone.

  • 66% of consumers would like to receive offers from brands they trust on their mobile devices, yet only 23% of consumers have

How SMEs are responding to the growth of inbound marketing.

The question is, are SMEs adapting to the change? Overall, 11% of SMEs admitting to not doing any of the marketing they had planned (Business Matters). The UK wide, 32% of SMEs are still to develop social media strategy (Talk Business). They also state that one in ten companies don’t know their own website statistics. A quote from Ian Simpson, managing director at C4B, says, “in order to keep your customers happy, you need to know how your website is used.” This is repeated by the Manchester Evening News which declares, “SMEs need to take note of the plethora of advice and statistics out there which reiterate the importance of social media engagement.”

From a statistical view of SMEs treatment of inbound marketing and social networking it’s clear that it’s not being used to its full extent. This poor treatment of inbound marketing clearly can’t be good for business in the long run and that’s a real problem.

What it’s costing SMEs.

Benifits of content marketing for SMEs.

Ignoring website statistics, neglecting social media and an overall lack of marketing is costing SMEs over £122 billion in sales per annum, according to Pitney Bowes. In 2012 Their research suggests that 87% of SMEs ignore the positive effect marketing can have and rather worryingly have discovered that for some SMEs “buying office stationery” ranks as a higher priority than marketing and business strategy.

  • Lack of marketing is proving to cost SMEs £122 billion in sales per annum

  • 87% of SMEs are ignoring the benefits of effective marketing

  • On average SMEs only spend £23,810 per annum

Evidence for the benefits of inbound marketing is overwhelming and cannot be ignored by any SME in the UK when planning a marketing strategy.

Will you be buying a Convertible this Christmas?

Christmas is less than one month away, and this article writing service is taking a look at some of the trends we can expect to see this Christmas.  We have talked in recent weeks about pick up points implemented by Google, eBay and Amazon, along with the console wars which kicks off in the UK when the Sony PS4 launches on the 29th of November.

One potential consumer trend this article writing service hasn’t spoken about so much is the convertible.  Before this conjures up images of the wind in your hair, questions of how wealthy a social demographic this article writing service is aiming at, and derision at the idea of UK citizens buying a car designed for summer in the middle of winter; I am not talking about convertible cars.

Tablet & PC

Rather, I am instead referring to the new wave of tablet cum computers that are hitting stores.  Typically these devices are packing operating systems that adapt to both tablet and computer modes, most notably Windows 8.  They also offer the user the ability to use the traditional keyboard or the touchscreen interface.

Microsoft have led the way with their Surface Pro tablets, however Windows 8 is also prevalent on Nokia devices and HP devices, to name but two.

Best of Both Worlds?

The reasoning behind the slew of devices is due to the fact that manufacturers believe that consumers want the best of both worlds.  The Apple iPad has been a roaring success, however the lack of a physical keyboard is a hindrance to many serious work applications on it.  While iPad users will defend the functionality of their device for business, it is obvious that a tablet and a laptop enjoy different strengths.

One of the first tablets to ship with an additional keyboard was the Asus Transformer.  This enjoyed decent success, but nothing that could challenge the iPad.  An analysis of whether the keyboard helped drive sales of the device would not prove helpful, as independent of the keyboard, the device was rated as one of the best Android tablets on the market.

Cost Efficient

While having an optional keyboard and the ability to utilise the best of tablet and the best of laptop without carrying two devices around is handy, it’s main appeal may be the cost.  While a tablet is a useful product, it is still unquestionably a half way step between smartphone and computer.  Consumers are starting to believe that while a smartphone remains irreplaceable, it is conceivable they could do away with the computer and just use the tablet.

For those that respect the value of a proper PC, and also the extra utility the tablet offers, this could be a useful solution that saves them having to fork out hundreds of pounds for each device, instead just spending on one.

This Article Writing Service does not forsee an iPad Killer

For many, the attempts of the opposition are irrelevant as there eyes remain fixed on the iPad.  This article writing service believes that Apple are unlikely to consider a hybrid option, such is the success of it’s MacBook Air and iPad range, with many Apple devotees owning both.  To offer a solution that offer the best of both worlds would be losing a sale.  For the opposition, this article writing service believes that they are fighting for second place in the UK market, and most would be happy if their convertibles earned them that position going into 2014.

Xbox One and PS4 Rush Jobs?

It was inevitable that this content writing service would be penning an article about reported faults in the PS4 and Xbox One.  Both have reported serious faults in a small percentage of the devices that have shipped on launch days outside the UK and Europe.  Both have demonstrated the difficulties in meeting a deadline for a major product launch.


The gaming industry is no stranger to delays.  The best selling driving simulator Gran Turismo has scarcely come out on time, with every iteration being delayed due to the sheer scale of the task of development.  Even then many games nowadays are released with glitches which are retrospectively fixed.  Fallout: New Vegas is a great example of this generation’s ability to patch a game which is sold with faults.

The problem with this is that a games review content writing service will already have written their review before the patch has been applied.  That review will not then be changed to include the update and the game will be scarred by the reviews forever.

New Generation

Of the big three competitors in this generation’s console wars, all three will require an update as soon as you power them on.  This is because the development on the systems will continue past the point the consoles need to be put into boxes and shipped, and means everyone that purchases the new consoles will have to spend 20 minutes or so staring at their new shiny box.

Of course, the consoles will probably all have very few problems in the future, but both of their successful launches have been marred by issues.  The PS4 has a white blinking light issue which appears to mean that the console is dead.  The Xbox One is having issues with reading discs.

Both Sony and Microsoft were prepared for issues however.  They both released statements stating that the problems amounted to a tiny percentage of the million plus consoles shipped, blamed the problems on handling during shipments, and responded quickly to any customers having problems.  They knew this was coming.

Why the Rush?

Well the reasoning for the rush is obvious and can be evidenced by the varying release dates around the world.  In Japan, Sony’s home territory, and the rest of Asia, both consoles will not be released until Spring next year.  While in Europe, the Playstation is being released more than a week after it has been in the US.

The reasoning is the holiday season.  In America and Europe, Christmas is the big factor in Microsoft and Sony’s thinking.  Christmas is where they can expect to see the majority of their sales as people look to splash out on a big gift for their video game loving loved ones.  Asia does not celebrate Christmas to the extent that we do in Europe and North America.

The North American release is dictated by the timing of Black Friday, on November the 29th.  Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving, where the US embark on a day of amazing shopping offers.   Black Friday is where the first major battle of the console wars will be fought.

Content Writing Service Lessons

The lesson this content writing service would like you to learn from the major gaming companies is how to deal with major product launches.  There is reasoning behind the dates, however a strict deadline will lead to faults.  Both Sony and Microsoft have prepared for millions of their highly advanced products going on sale, and it would be an extreme optimist that would predict the whole thing going off without a hitch.  In a week’s time, the UK will have both consoles available, and hopefully this content writing service will be reporting on happy gamers rather than how to appease them.

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