Blog Writing Services 101

So you need content, something to entertain your customers and keep them coming back to your blog for more. Apart from our article writing service, take advantage of Virtual Global’s track record of writing and implementing blog postings for your site. We are very proud of our blog writing services and endeavour to bring interest and added value to your business website.

So you’ve got your website, it looks shiny and new, plenty of traffic and all things are set. But soon it becomes harder to keep on top of your site. The same old story, the site itself gets tired over time and you cannot spend enough time on it to keep it fresh. And freshness is key to your business getting the traffic it deserves. That’s where a blog can give you so much. New, unique material regularly updated on your site(s) will go a long way to keeping your site high in the charts and more importantly of interest to your clients/customers.

Eighty-five percent of businesses rated their company blogs as “useful,” “important” or “critical.” –

Now the idea of a blog may be something you have thought about, toyed with or dismissed out of hand. Some people love it and some people have rather more mixed emotions. Investment in time is the key deterrent for a busy business to invest in their blog, but the rewards can be immediately justified. With our help and regular blog writing service you will get a defined plan with regular fresh content ready to add to your site – no need for the uncertainty of when or who to get to run the blog postings – just good, clean content that will help boost your site. SEO enhancement will be done seamlessly and organically to ensure that not only do you get great novel content but that it presses Google’s buttons in the right way to ensure you a decent page ranking.

Study Shows Business Blogging Leads to 55% More Website Visitors –

Apart from the obvious effect that a blog can have on your traffic the greater lasting effects could be even more important to your business. A thoroughly researched and engaging column will stimulate discussion, sharing and increased social media traffic – an increasingly important effector of growth. Establishing your work as an industry leader or merely a reputable place for articles of interest and help, will quickly enlighten readers as to the virtues of your business. Discussion points created around the sector, service or products will give your clients or customers the peace of mind that contact can be made and points of agreement (or disagreement) will be openly discussed. A forum for dialogue can lead to new opportunities or simply yield extra contacts, of benefit to your needs, and theirs. Most of all the idea that information is of use and can be easily disseminated around social media at the click of a button will give your clients the enthusiasm to revisit the site time and time again.

So if you are pushed for time, or simply need help writing your own blog, get in touch for our bespoke service and we’ll do the rest. Contact us for price point or additional information.