Bing Still Searching for Killer Feature

You probably found this blog writing service through Google.  That’s no real surprise considering over 90% of searches in the UK are done through Google.  Furthermore, this blog writing service has been optimized to perform well on Google search.  Optimisation on Bing has received our consideration, but it is distinctly an after thought when compared with Google.

So Bing has a lot of work to do if it wants to gain more importance in both your and our thoughts.  This month has seen it make a new efforts to offer something that may move us away from our Google lock in.

Music Video Search

Bing has introduced a search option to search for only music videos.  Bing claims over 1 million unique tracks are available on the search already.  People may inevitably ask why this has any real utility over searching YouTube or Google Video search for music videos.

The real utility of Bing’s service may be that it provides related search results from the same album.  Unlike a YouTube video which will point to other tracks with similar search terms, tags or that other users also viewed, Bing search will see all the other tracks from the same album in the order they were originally listed.

Its a little like viewing this blog writing service in amongst everything else this post will be tagged under, such as ‘Bing’ and ‘Music video’, or seeing this post in amongst everything else we shared with our UK audience this week.  If you really like the author of the content, or the artist of the music, and want to hear more from him or her, rather than things that sound similar, Bing’s new approach may appeal.

 The Google Lock in

Unfortunately for Bing the thing that will deter many from switching is their lock in to Google.  Google search is the default of Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome browsers.  Despite Bing being the default on sister product internet explorer, Google still has a greater share.

Then there is the benefits of having Gmail over Hotmail, Google’s Android operating system being dominant in the smartphone market, with Google also the default on the iPhone, and even Chrome books featuring Google’s laptop OS starting to eat into Windows.

Do Blog Writing Services Believe Bing is Expendable?

Usurping Google in the search market was never going to be an easy tasks, and Microsoft could never have expected to have overhauled the market leader already, however there is a school of thought that Microsoft should ditch its challenge to gain a significant portion of the search market.  Many a blog writing service has been reporting on Nokia CEO Stephen Elop’s bid to take over as CEO of Microsoft from Steve Balmer.  His plans to sell off successful Microsoft ventures Bing and the Xbox Gaming system in favour of focusing on the highly successful Office software have sparked much debate.

This blog writing service appreciates the efforts that Bing makes to improve search.  However despite the vast evolution of search in the past ten years there has not been a compelling reason put forward for UK users to abandon the Google platform, but that doesn’t mean Bing should give up hope just yet.