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This article writing services blog has previously written about the new developments in delivery for the online retail giants eBay and Amazon, along with Google.  Now it seems that traditional UK retailer Asda is set to implement a similar strategy to its online competitors.

Ebay, Google and Amazon have all finally realised that delivery to your door isn’t quite as convenient as it sounds.  While you receive your goods exactly where you want them if you are in the house, many are instead at work while deliveries are made.  This results in a lengthy journey to your nearest delivery depot to collect your parcel.

The idea now is that you can choose a convenient Google or Amazon pick up location, or Argos store for your eBay goods to pick them up instead.

Why Asda?

While this model works for online, many will be asking this article writing service how and why Asda is copying it.  After all, Asda already offers many locations throughout the UK.  This is not true of the South East of England however, where Asda does not enjoy the same success as it does in the rest of the UK.

Asda sees pick up points as an opportunity to move into this area of the UK that they have so far failed to conquer.  As the South East is an affluent area of the country, shoppers are less likely to be enticed by low price supermarket like Asda.  Instead, these residents have shown a tendency to respond to other forms of supermarket promotions on the basis of things like product quality.

Asda believe they have quality goods to offer the area, but it makes better financial sense to test the area with pick up points rather than full blown stores.  After all land is at a premium and having no one visit the store could be a costly mistake that article writing services will have a field day reporting.

Will Article Writing Services See Others Copy Asda?

While Asda has in a way imitated online companies, could this become a way for retailers to expand their operations without investing in costly shopfronts?  Could we see retailers from abroad test the appeal of their stores in the UK?  Will a francophile article writing services blog be thrilled to see French cheese arrive in Britain via a pick up point from Carrefour?

Perhaps this model could be very useful for small online retailers.  While they wouldn’t be able to fulfill their own pick up points, they could use the services of Google or Amazon.  Google does not have a distinct store to sell goods from.  Its shopping platform is another category of search.  Perhaps making use of Google’s delivery will simply entail being listed in its search results.

 More Woe for the High Street?

The news will be a further nail in the coffin of the high street.  Already many people use high street stores as a showroom for online purchases.  Now with pick up points there becomes the possibility that a customer could have something shipped to a dedicated pick up point within the hour, rather than having to go home to make an order.

Article writing services outlined the scale of Google’s ambition for their delivery services in a previous article; it is certainly not unlikely that they could have a product that you ordered on your phone at a centralised pick up point within the hour.

It used to be the case that the only disadvantage of ordering online for UK consumers was that they would have to wait an extra few days for their product after ordering online.  In the future, this article writing services blog predicts that the difference between purchasing in store and picking up a product ordered online will become a matter of minutes.