Article Writing Services – Your Main Marketing Strategy

Getting your work noticed, let alone talked about, seems to be the be all and end all of marketing strategy these days. Whilst publicity is the end-game scenario for business needs – word of mouth, marketing and advertising are all traditional stock methods for inspiring visits, purchases and investment in your business.

Marketers often think in terms of how to draw people in. On the web, the primary concern is not to drive people away.

Be seen, get your business heard above the rest. The key to this success is content, content and more content. Add in a little social media presence and the ability to share your content and you have a recipe for building high quality links and search presence for your website, services and products. What sets apart the great websites from the good ones is high quality, novel content. Couple that with significant turnover of topics and news items and you have a great chance at moving up the page rankings. That is where a UK based article writing service comes in – using our team of researchers and writers we aim to bring a level of professionalism and skill and apply it to your needs as cost effectively as possible – just take a look at our competitive rates.

Regularly updated, unique content with an emphasis on quality and relevance will yield immediate results. Writing is the tool on which the internet is based so why not use it to your advantage. Don’t fill your site with vaguely related topics – a few key words sloppily thrown in and poorly researched back links do not make your website relevant to your needs or the search engines that will make or break your business. Updating product descriptions rather than relying on stock product specs will ensure your site stands out from the rest.

When writing Web content, use simple words, active verbs, and meaningful modifiers. –

Whilst there is no point having elegant descriptive prose that is seldom seen due to a lack of search engine visibility the converse is also true. Nowadays the average customer is much more internet savvy, so a customer that lands on your website from a decent high ranked search engine return but arrives there to find badly written, copied and dull articles or service descriptions will run a mile, or at least to your nearest competitor. As Google evolves its search algorithms, so it becomes even more important that the content on your site is king.

20p in every £1 is spent on content and 51% of marketers intend to INCREASE their spend on content marketing in 2014
– Content Marketing Association

Engaging with the customer is our primary concern – after all getting traffic to your site really is only half the battle. Using Virtual Global’s article writing service, we can deliver review articles, news articles or “how-to” articles that give added value to your site and ensure that not only do customers feel a little more intrigued and interested, but that search engine rankings are increased. So whatever your needs we will work with you to ensure a perfect fit. We guarantee complete novelty of writing, from our team of professional researchers and writers. Natural search engine optimisation is a given – we will not pack writing with keywords that stand out and make your copy appear less than professional. So please get in touch for a bespoke and complete service for all your article writing needs.